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  1. On 11/18/2018 at 4:05 PM, Briggsy said:


    I miss those days. The DJ Source forumgenres was always really busy - but member basefriendly too. The Trance Arena struggled to get off the ground sadly - but I enjoyed the two years I had running it. 


    Lazarus is still going strong. He still DJ's and produces - and he also runs Defcon Recordings - which has had some a support from A-list DJ's. I've seen DJX2 on a few flyers and bumped into him a few years ago when he was on the same line-up as a friend. I think he's just toned down his online presence. Carl Briggs - never heard of him ;-) 


    Glad you enjoyed the mix. I've never really had problems with Tinnitis - my hearing problems were more down to struggling to hear mid-range frequencies (snares, percussion, etc) - plus a really painful stabbing pain in the left ear. Rather coincidentally, I've got a GP appointment this Tuesday - about my ears! Yet again.

    The podcast did run behind schedule earlier in the year after suffering a bit of "DJ'ing mental block" for a couple of months - but it's now back on track. Episode 2 was online a couple of months ago (I forgot to update this post and also Soundcloud - but it did appear on iTunes). altogether 3 was released last night (see post below) - and Episode 4 has already February ready for release at Christmas - which puts me back on schedule for next year. 


    It's a shame you had to close DJ Passion down :-( Sign of the times now I think - forums and online radio stations seem to be few and far between these days. Technology and Social Media seem to have killed them both off :-( 



    I found music forums, in general, are not as popular because of the reasons you mentioned regarding social media nevermind DJ forums or more niche Trance forum. If you set up another one that covered all genres then it may do much better. A Trance forum would not attract Techno, House, etc and so limits the memberbase.


    I gave up with running a music website altogether as they don't make much at all. Instead, I got into the Web hosting industry and been doing that for nearly 9 years now and it actually makes me money haha. I had so many downloaded tracks at like about 900 MP3s at 320Kbps and lost them all to a failed HDD and wouldn't let me redownload them :( That put me off mixing altogether at the time but was probably a blessing in disguise :D I still love downloading and listening to mixes of course.


    Yes, Lazarus seems to be doing very well. Fair play! You're right about DJX2. There were loads of others from DJSource but I forgot a lot of the names, oh DJ Blackcat too. The domain is going for 500 GBP but pointless without the database of email addresses so can email them all to try to get them to rejoin the forum. If I had the email list I probably would have tried it myself but you are more clued up on music/running a site than me ;-)


    Yeah, had everything: mix uploads, radio station, forums and was doing well until that issue happened. I redirected that domain to and setup


    As you can see that is dead too. Social killed a lot of sites off like Amazon are killing retail shops in high streets :o


    Anyhow, will be downloading the other mixes!


    PS you still in Coventry? I lived there for a year and a half until February last year just as they won UK City of Culture which website I built to help promote the bid ;-)


    PPS if anyone who works at is here and can help me get all my MP3s back... it would be great to hear from you ;-p


    Keep the mixes coming mate. The style is quality... the previous mix started with emotional epicness/classic (Kevin & Perry haha) --> followed by lots of bangers and more emotional epicness - love it!!! :D

  2. Times flies... I thought of the and days and I thought I wonder what the other DJs are up to nowadays like Lazarus, DJX2, DJ Carl Briggs etc :)


    The mix is banging, Carl! I loved it. The mixing was spot on so the tinnitus ain't stopping you yet, though it looks like the quarterly sessions didn't last long as the last one was 5 months ago.


    Shame a lot of the music forums are dying, etc. gone, I closed down when we had that Radio trouble with Passion Radio if you remember? Boooo.


    Look forward to the next one.