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  1. Radio 1 do make me larf! the thing is if they had put a dub step show on 3-4 yrs ago when it first became more popular I could understand ! But puttin a show on a main slot now is a bit stupid coz Dubstep is now on its dwindling out of the lime light and as with speed garage will go back underground ! where as trance and house have kept there position in the dance music rankings and are becoming alot more popular again thanks to Paul Oakenfold and Swedish House Mafia etc etc pushing through again ! Radio 1 has defo got a timing problem !!! There is a new guy starting at radio 1 who plays big r
  2. Hi all ! Just liked to introduce myself ... Names Mark and im gettin on a bit but still cant repress the raver in me ... I was at St Ives in 98 for the Dance Party ! Must say it was awsome and can remember it like yesterday ! Did anyone else manage to go to this event or love parade at roundhey park in Leeds ? which was also the bollox ... ! Ta guys ...