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  1. wow, there's so many of the real classic shows on here. This is the very first jules set that got me into DJing all those years back. You guys deserve a medal for this lol! Such a shame I never, ever managed to find the 12" of the knuckleheadz mix of Dial M For Moguai
  2. This was always one of my favourites, still got the tape of this somewhere The soulsearcher remix was apollo 440 can't stop the rock vs soulsearcher can't get enough, i've got the white label and it's just 'Can't Get Enough' on the sticker in black text on a white sticker, so no name as such for the artist.
  3. I've got this one on tape somewhere and it was amazing...top stuff
  4. Thanks it's going to take a little while and they'll all be 90 mins only of the shows I have, but most of them I have dates and tracklistings for as I researched them at the time
  5. you total hero!!! i will get home and start ripping my tapes to mp3 and upload - what file hosting service is best to use? rapidshare? or can you do it on this server?
  6. Hey guys I'm new to the forum as I'm trying to track down audio for two shows in particular, which Jules kindly and amazingly supported some of my tracks on and I'd really like copies as keepsakes (having listened to his show religiously over the years!) I'm assuming most members have put up whatever shows they have recorded, but if anyone does have these anywhere I'd be sooooo grateful if you could upload and link me...please. Also, I've got a box full of shows from 98/99/00/01 at home so will start to get the tapes ripped onto mp3 to share with you all Thanks, Jason Kinetic