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  1. Just listened to this set and I agree one of the best live sets with an awesome selection of high energy tunes, thanks for posting
  2. ive got to say as well what a f****** brill site, ive always loved trance but im back in love with the late 90s trance now. epic and brings back memories, i even remember the little jules quips before they are even said in the dowload, sad i know but i love it! trance rocks always forever
  3. newbie here too and just wanna say how awesome it is to be able to get some of the old mixes I used to tape the shows on my minidisc player (what happened to that being the next big thing?) Gutted i didnt keep my collection to help but its great to see the old classics on here
  4. Loving this song at the moment - beautiful vocals. I think theres a lot of talented women out there
  5. im new too, loving the old tracklistings so im doing a lot of youtube searches and reliving the classics, thanks guys
  6. A State of Trance is my current favourite
  7. En Motion remix is pretty hard and good as well
  8. I stopped listening about 5 years ago when the pure trance sound was disappearing from Jules I started listening to ASOT for the underground stuff, but i remember being 15 listening to Jules on a Friday and Saturday night wishing i was clubbing to the quality tunes, esp when lange was remixing gold on every track, thanks jules for getting me hooked on trance and i remember how crazy i went when he was playing in 1998 when i was a young 18 year old at judgement sunday