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  1. Cool little video I found!
  2. Luminosity 2017

    I'd rather remember him the way he was than watch this rubbish. How can it be that he was better at mixing with vinyl than on the Nexus 2's? It makes no sense!! Even my Dad can mix on the Nexus'
  3. Just brilliant! Thank you!
  4. I have one of Jules' Essential Selections somewhere, i will look it out and see if it is here already. If my memory serves me correctly, on that evening he was followed by 2 x 1 hour mixes, one from PVD, and one from Ferry Corsten?
  5. Here is the original thread mate:
  6. 1999-04-30

    Would really love the audio of this show if anyone happens to have it? 1999-04-30 01. Loop Da Loop - 'Miracle Maker' [Manifesto] 02. Retrosexual - 'Union State' [ultra Violet] 03. Mauro Picotto - 'Lizard' [Nukluez] 04. Grace - 'Not Over Yet' [Perfecto] 05. Le Voix Du Monde - 'Unknown' [Fresh Fruit] 06. Toby One - 'Ying Tong' [Whack] 07. Unknown - 'Electronic Battle Babies Vol. 1' [white label cat# BM22] 08. Agenda - 'Heaven' (Lange Mix) [iNCredible Traxx] 09. Hurricane - 'On & On' [Essential] 10. Jedi - 'Summer In Space' [white label] 11. Hybrid - 'Finished Symphony' [Distinct'ive] 12. Geri - 'Look At Me' [EMI] 13. Yomanda - 'Synth & Strings' [Manifesto] 14. Moby - 'Run On' [bel Biem] 15. Sharpside - 'Critikal Freaks' [Deluxe] 16. ATB - '9pm Til I Come' [Club Tools] 17. The Chemical Brothers - 'Hey Boy, Hey Girl' [Freestyle Dust] 18. Minimal Funk - 'Turn It To The House' [Cleveland City] 19. Celida - 'Be Yourself' [Twisted United Kingdom] Judge Jules' 30-minute Mix 20. Ground Zero - 'Fall Out' [Whoop!] 21. The Olmec Heads - 'Spiritualized' [Neo] 22. Lost Witness - 'Happiness Happening' (Lange Mix) [Ministry of Sound] 23. Prototype - 'Sound Piercing' [Data] 24. Fearless - 'Inca' (Unknown Mix) [Nektar] 25. Friends Of Matthew - 'Out There' (Lange Mix) [serious]
  7. ... and how many "Put your hands up in the AIIIIIIIRRRRRRRR" jingles this time?!
  8. Happy Christmas

    Great work with the recent updates chaps! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Tim.
  9. Please have a listen if you have time! :-) https://www.mixcloud.com/drtimwestwood/the-jam-session-nov-2016/
  10. New Hi-Gate Music?

    Yeah, that's what I thought Jason. Then I went to see John Digweed at MOS last weekend. I was absolutely blown away - it was incredible! There's a guy, 49 years old (1 year younger than Jules), who has been in the scene just as long, and who continues to support good, underground music thereby maintaining his credibility. He rocked the place too - it was completely rammed, with the young and not-so-young (me!), to the point where people were having to stand in the two corridors because The Box was full! Now Jules, for some reason, has chosen to support shitty, EDM-style trash (in my opinion). Perhaps he genuinely likes it? If so then that's cool, we all have different tastes. But if he had gone down the deeper / tech / techno route after the trance bubble finally burst, he'd still be getting booked for decent gigs like the others of his age - Cox, Sasha, Tong, Laurent Garnier, Paul Van Dyk, Sven Vath and John Digweed. The techno sound would not have been a million miles away from some of the harder stuff he used to support either. I really wish he had done this. I would love to go and see him smash out some house & techno! As we all know, he's a very bright chap, and so the decision to minimise his credibility within 'the scene' was obviously a considered one. And he is of course entitled to do it ... I just don't understand it!