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  1. 1999-09-11 - Judge Jules, Saturday Show

    New audio! Love it! Thanks Fuzzy
  2. That Ambassador track is the second track, so what was the first one Jason?
  3. I think the record played between Joyenergiser & Stringer is MC Rob Sonic - "You Can Hear Me Now"
  4. That first track, I don't think it's taken from the Obscure Model EP! I have found the EP, it has 4 tracks on it, none sound like Jules' first tune that night??
  5. Elements - Mixed by Aza

    Hey mate, Really really nice mix. Where did you get the Flight 643 vs Play It Louder mash-up? NEEEED that record!! Cheers buddy, Tim.
  6. My end of year mix ;-) https://www.mixcloud.com/drtimwestwood/the-jam-session-end-of-year-mix-2017/
  7. Cool little video I found!
  8. Luminosity 2017

    I'd rather remember him the way he was than watch this rubbish. How can it be that he was better at mixing with vinyl than on the Nexus 2's? It makes no sense!! Even my Dad can mix on the Nexus'
  9. Just brilliant! Thank you!
  10. I have one of Jules' Essential Selections somewhere, i will look it out and see if it is here already. If my memory serves me correctly, on that evening he was followed by 2 x 1 hour mixes, one from PVD, and one from Ferry Corsten?
  11. Here is the original thread mate: