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  1. If he was playing that mix of Silence I would say it was the latter half of 2000. I saw him in October that year and he played it
  2. That would be great Burien! Always keen to hear "new" old stuff!
  3. Hi mate, I pop in from time to time but there's not much happening! Did you see Jules on The Chase on Christmas Eve?
  4. I couldn't agree more. It's odd isn't it. I know he was always on the cheesier side of clubland, but to have ended up like this is just baffling
  5. Hi Nick, It's all good mate. This was a gem of a show so if you manage to get it done I would love to get a copy off of you somehow. Let me know how it goes! Cheers, Tim.
  6. Nice Aza! I will give this a listen over the weekend! I love the Dial M opening track, reminds me of that end of year Essential Mix he did in 1999. I hope you are keeping safe & well mate?
  7. Not difficult in the slightest! He's completely lost the plot.
  8. Also, track 2 is VPL - T-Break (Original Mix)
  9. Hi Burien, Is this one of the monthly mixes that he used to post on his website? Cheers! Tim.
  10. As would I. I never heard any more from Nick unfortunately.
  11. Thanks guys, i eventually id'd it as the General Midi track and got a copy on vinyl. Anyway, cheers for the replies :-)
  12. Track 13, by Groove Asylum. The correct title is; The Groove Asylum - Brazil (Original Mix) (Don't Recordings) And boy does it build the tension before he finally drops Fly Away after an hour of hard dance for the place to erupt!