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  1. Hey, I’m really sorry I never got round to doing this. I’m back in the UK tomorrow and I am determined to get it done for you guys- I know that sounds a bit hollow given how long I have taken to do it. I do have it (and others) and I resolve to get it done for you guys- sorry again for the tardiness/ poor effort- nb it’s the first 90 mins only sorry! Nick
  2. Hi Tim, I think it’s only a 90 minute cassette not the whole show unfortunately. I’ll have a word with the IT guys in work see how easy it is/time consuming and I’ll do it if I can or if not I can post it out to you? I’ll have to root through my cassettes- got lots of Essential Mixes- the live ones from the late 90s, jules at homelands, bar m in ibiza, london Mardi Gras, a slinky essential mix, essential selections in Ibiza. Oh and a fair few dance anthems shows including one where Jules covered it. Might be worth me making a list and getting them
  3. I have this on cassette, not mp3. Any chance of help?
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