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  1. great idea this! few from me.. Matt Darey - Beautiful Frank Trax - Nebuchan Agenda - Heaven (lange remix) D-tune - earplugs Jorio - remember me (space bros remix) Marcel woods v Joshua Ryan - Pistolwhip cherryblossom (eteson bootleg) Kevin - all in my mind so many others..
  2. it was to be called, Gladius - Now we are free (SERIOUS RECORDS) pity appears the file is deleted
  3. no4 still unknown! :eek: remember someone tellin me, might be the Porn Kings? what a set this was! these were the days!
  4. here ya go.. please ID!!!
  5. if u are looking for an trance remix of this with all the original elements of the soundtrack included, you should try the afternova - now we are free for serenity (osiris mash up) been around for a few yrs, its amazing!!!! its quite like julesy version but with afternova - serenity (andy blueman remix) i was majorly surprised myself how good this is and how well it goes!
  6. its not that remix, its the judge jules remix lol
  7. i did mate yeh, and they said they nvr knew!!!! haha!
  8. yep same here. as for this track, its jules. he obviously had to keep quiet about it cos of the heavy sampling from ry cooder.
  9. still nothin on this, i gie up! still have a feeling den rize and mark andrez have somethin to do with this
  10. yep, like this bootleg, hope it gets released in someway or given away!
  11. no probs mate, tho not expecting to find out this, as its been 2 yrs for ID!!!
  12. found it! now on itunes library! 8mins 24 secs long! OOOOFT RARE!!!
  13. no probs tom, yeh ive posted on TA and Trancefix too, so hoping it may get ID'd ...yeh got a feeling this got shelved...
  14. yeh its so bizarre this has never been ID'd!!!! yep mate its the last one !
  15. yeh this is the acetate AYE picked up lol had thrillseekers on the flip side, some find!! part of colin tevendales clearance at the now defunct 23rd precinct records! Yeh tim, wouldnt mind a copy of this too mate! i did get a copy on mp3 but thats on an old pc, tho am sure i burned onto cdr somewhere, ill need to check!
  16. i need this track ID'd! been after an age to find out who it is!! enclosed a link to dl a rip from the set in question, from aly and fila's fsoe show.. hope you can help me!! New link: Old (dead) link:
  17. Craig


    just thought would pop on and say a big hellooooooooooooooooooooooo, not been on this forum in ages, hows everyone doin?
  18. you were in glasgow????!! what did u think of glasgow? i never went on 30th, had a few other options.
  19. thanks mate merry christmas too you too
  20. i fukcin love 'coming home' mate!!! awesome tune, pure pounding trance energy..lov it!!!!! i see u ve rmx'd hi gate - caned and unable too !!
  21. this tunes a beast!!!!! jvd mix is just stunning
  22. lol f*** knows where i got new zealand from!!!!!!