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  1. if u are looking for an trance remix of this with all the original elements of the soundtrack included, you should try the afternova - now we are free for serenity (osiris mash up) been around for a few yrs, its amazing!!!! its quite like julesy version but with afternova - serenity (andy blueman remix)

    i was majorly surprised myself how good this is and how well it goes!

  2. yeh this is the acetate AYE picked up lol ;) had thrillseekers on the flip side, some find!! part of colin tevendales clearance at the now defunct 23rd precinct records!

    Yeh tim, wouldnt mind a copy of this too mate! i did get a copy on mp3 but thats on an old pc, tho am sure i burned onto cdr somewhere, ill need to check!