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  1. aye good mix and choice of tunes mate, nice one
  2. aww cheers simcut! nice one! as i say im pretty sure its from his new album, cos no one can ID it on any forum!! ask him to about the amazin sunset boulevard, whats his plans for it ?
  3. might be his collab with corderoy?? hes doin a new tune with him..
  4. nice boobs but u look like henrik larsson!!
  5. love the new gareth emery track, lookin forward to purrrrrrrr-chasin that beast!
  6. cheers m8, just downloaded! and just bought ur trance track from that link jason kindly put up! crackin tune m8!
  7. thxs for the rip jason, really hope this is known soon. im so sure its def a morph new one now!
  8. not a bad show, likin new mix of slusnik luna, calvin harris, and corderoys take on that camera track!
  9. nappy hardcore for me! ohhh i hate it so much!! just recently the dolphins one!! euuuuuugghh
  10. cheers lads, i really appreciate this!
  11. simon that would be amazing!! thxs! only prob is, im not sure how to rip that track from the set...i know its around 16min mark and after helsinki scorchin..
  12. christians tracks are always quality personified
  13. Craig

    1000 post!!!!!!!

    i know m8! what a fanny i felt like at that time lol!!!!
  14. yaldy!!! its finally finallly my 1000 post!! party time (poppers gone off) woootwoootwooot