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  1. no worries tim, hope u get ur phone back tho. got some of these records for ya to add a few to his t/l signalrunners - 3000 miles away(from prob gettin a release)!!!!! jowan - pt 78 think the 2nd track maybe a jules production (check his top10 on his website) enjoyed his 1hr mix..
  2. montanas mix of lizard is feckin superb!!!!! any idea what the other tunes big al and danny slade played? esp first and one with vocals 'friend in need is a friend indeed'? jules played in no particular order.. dj hose - steppin in to the beat i.d ???????????????????(crackin tune) h.o.t - house of trance coldplay - speed of sound (karlg) judge jules - keep on running(new mix) three drives - grecce 2000 (marcel woods) marcel woods & jesselyn - flora/fauna blanco diablo - absolute control above & beyond v lange - surrender i believe prob host more but cant think!!! :oops:
  3. if anyone instrd i have every track there well apart from gladiator one!! def agree with u tim its one of his best!!
  4. got them both from an excellent contact! downside thing is its quite expensive!
  5. actually does anyone have the pete tong t/l ? that was broadcasted
  6. few for me, keane - perfectly bedshapped(i really like this LOL) above & beyond feat andy moor - air for life anjuna cdr gd - pukka (mondo cdr) armin - serenity /shivers (nebula) 2class tunes, which armin played a particular mix at colursfest last nite and it blew the roof off!!! got a feelin it was alex morph one but sounded so like rising star mix. york - ice flowers fatkid - feeling
  7. i have a copy of blanco diablo on cdr, not signed as yet... pretty average tune tho kinda get bored of it, really want 'the beach ' tho any news how to email micky modelle tim?? also few other tunes to add.. sassot - underwater (sounds like casino - only you) also tim u still want that twice as nice track? cheers
  8. hi tim that would be unreal if ya can eliminate crowd noise and even jules talkin???!! really lookin fwd to this nice one!!!!