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  1. Just heard this the other day. Thought I would pop on and put my word in. Once Jules show left his 5-7pm slot that was it for me. I couldn’t have the fri night show. Was going to happen some time. Buts was not expecting it now though. The music scene is dire, IMO. (A good choon is made them someone “raps” over it and destroys it) Jules got me into dance music and dj-ing, for that he is my favourite. Had many great nights seeing him. Rant over
  2. hey havnt been n for months now. had a listin to this number, very nice, will htrow it in my next mix, cheers!
  3. ill give me ears some of this last mix downladed from you wast top!
  4. bit late in posting but here it is DjGlennK Dec mix 1 Robot man _ ready for this 2 Pryda - Europa 3 unknown - Money 4 Dj DLG - 1984 5 DJ Montana - Theme form concept 6 Joop - On top of things 7 Hemstock And Jennings Ft Shelly Rivers - LA2DC 8 JJ - Laid Bare 9 Lange - Angel falls (firewall Mix) 10 Kyau & Albert - 7 skies 11 Evil Robot - Just Go (leon Boiler mix) 12 Joint opeerations centre vs timmy & tommy - Flat out 13 DJ Ton TB - Static Bullet (jochen Miller mix) 14 CMR - Lost visions (dj choose mix) [hide_me]http://www.djglennk.com/mixes/DjGlennk_dec_mix_2007.mp3[/hide_me] post to see link dont forget to subscribe to my podcast throught my site, www.djglennk.com or itunes. cheers!
  5. Im after Armand Van Helden -'Choocy (M-Class Remix)' Jules played it on tonys show the other week. Left it a few weeks but cant fnd a thing about it. if any one can help me it would be great!
  6. jules played this a few weeks ago but i cant find it. Steve noxx aka nu sense is where the trail ends! hope some one can help!
  7. has any one got a copy of this? I have contacted them through bebo and myspace but no reply or cant get a release date on it, even through the record company!
  8. heard the first 30 min of the show last night, 1st time since he change show time. have to say well impressed!
  9. just my luck missed out in qualifing for the last ones and will hopefully make these ones. so from manchester to Glasgow
  10. Dj Glennk November mix Right click save target as: http://www.djglennk.com/mixes/DjGlennk_nov_mix_2007.mp3 Tracklistings are 1. Sia - Drink To Get Drunk 2. denoizer feat r.e.m. - loosing my religion (extended royal club mix)(gkedit) 3. Nifty_(Jaxx)-Nifty_(Original)_[Atlantic_Jaxx] 4. DJ Delicious - Let It Drop (Henrik B Remix) 5. FUTURISTIC_FLY_-_Futuristic_Fly_(Bryan_Cox_remix) 6. 01_solid_groove_and_sinden-red_hot 7. Deadmau5 - not_exactly 8. Marcus_Schossow_-_Mr_White 9. dubfire_-_roadkill_(breakfast_remix) 10. Richard Durand-Any 11. sash-equador 12. Armin van Buuren - Control Freak (Sander van Doorn Remix) 13. Markus-Schulz---Fly-To-Colors--Genix-Remix- 14. Ayla_-_Ayla__Danny_Nightingale_Remix
  11. ah right did you ever get that nero! add me to msn and ill fire you it! whos_this_guy@hotmail.com
  12. Well just wondering what everyone’s plans are for the next week or so, and if so, what are you dressing up as! I am hosting a house party with me and fellow friend doing deck duties. I am going a Stue from family guy! Just finished of doing up back bedroom into deck room! Then next wed I have the privilege to witness JJ at lush for Halloween night!
  13. Ah right I didnt know that it wasnt relaesed yet. Will just have to wait, I get most of my mp3's from juno so will keep an eye open cheers!
  14. ok bit of help i got this from here http://rs182.rapidshare.com/files/48885119...mo-2007-BTL.rar but its skipping at the start! anyone got a copy?
  15. from lush webs site... Judge Jules to play Halloween night at Kellys" Join us in lush! for a not to be missed "Halloween party". As Halloween falls on wednesday 31st October and with wednesday's being the biggest student party in Ireland, we thought we would invite the biggest Dj in the uk to headline. This will be an x:clusive chance to see JUDGE JULES midweek at Kellys and with adm only £7 this one looks set to be a roadblock. Fancy dress optional, party atmosphere guaranteed! www.judgejules.net should eb good night, gives the weekends at both sides of holloween free for more paryting!
  16. no moi? good thing about google imgage search is that you can get pics of me just by typing me name in!
  17. i had load of hassle with burning dvd's for ps3 ect ect. bets get your sef a copy of nero 7, take a whiel to convert it bust dose the job. if you need a copy pm me!
  18. Hey guys hope some one can help, I am lookign for a choong that was out from a few months ago, vocal in it goes "its not about you...." and repeated. sort of housey funky number!
  19. downloaded this and had a listin. very inpressed, some good choons to get tracking down! sweet!