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  1. A few years ago I thought I’d take the initiative to start converting my vinyl to MP3 as I sold my Technics 1210’s to fund the purchase of my CDJ’s. Having sold both my turntables I was left without a means of converting my vinyl. I purchased a ION Profile Pro, but have never really committed the time to starting the process of converting my stock of 300-400 vinyl. Last month I bit the bullet and attempted converting a few records. To say I am disappointed in the quality is an understatement. The pop and crackle is constant across the recording and while I can remove this on Audacity, it’ll t
  2. Buenos dias Aza! Yeah haven't had the time to use the board much mate. I'll try all the suggested options. I've tried the speakers in both sockets and they both work when plugged into the left of the two but not the right. I've never had any complaints about any Pioneer equipment so I'd be surprised if it was the mixer. I'll report back.....
  3. First of all..... bloody hell it's been donkeys years since I have even looked on here let alone posted or commented on anything! Guess getting old gets in the way of luxuries like this :confused: Anyway, help required.... Having been in between residencies for a while I haven't had my CDJ's setup so last weekend I decided my cold turkey had gone on for long enough and set them up. Rather annoyingly for some reason the right monitor speaker isn't giving out anything more than a quiet hum (no music comes out). When listening through the headphones one of the earpieces hum's too. I've check
  4. Seen loads of this guys stuff on youtube. He's a living legend! The Mario Kart one is very funny.
  5. I learnt to mix on my mates Vestax mixer and that was perfectly adequate. The first mixer I bought was the Gemini PS626i, which was a good mixer until the upfaders wore down and became all crackly. I then upgraded to my current mixer - Pioneer DJM600. Can't fault that mixer and to be honest I'd rather buy a second hand one of those (so long as it looked in good condition) rather than a brand new mixer of another make/model.
  6. Of course it isn't. I'm 26 for gods sake! Ha, ha!! My bad on the spelling front but in my defence I'm a freshwater biologist, not marine :oddcake: .
  7. Like it mate. Which tracks does it use or is it just one track with the 'In for the Kill' sample over the top? Sorry if it's really obvious; I'm a bit out of touch at the moment!
  8. Oh my god Quadders where did you find that picture? That is me at Bangor University last year giving a presentation of the morphology of dogfish and mackrel. How does this stuff even end up on the internet?
  9. Yeah I thought that!! How suspect!! On the captivity subject I think it's so wrong that we're allowed to keep such animals in oversized goldfish bowls. I'm a fisheries scientist so this sort of thing really angers me. It's ok with little fish and things where they're kept in large tanks because that gives them ample space. Keeping mamals such as these in tanks is nothing short of animal cruelty. If the person wants to put themself in that sort of situation then it's their fault. If they die then they did so doing something they loved with animals they devoted their life to and I'm sure they
  10. Bubblelove at Media. No question. Look at this for a tracklist: 01. Thermobee & Stratosphere - 'Stoned Trance' [strata] 02. Nigel Gee - 'Hootin' Harry' (Ariel's Paradise Factory Mix) [Neo] 03. The Clergy - 'Saints & Sinners' [M-->Bargo] 04. Julian Liberator - 'Funky' [4x4] 05. Patrick F - 'Bom Bom' [bass City] 06. Joshua Ryan - 'Pistolwhip' [NuLife] 07. Renegade Soundwave - 'The Phantom' (PFN vs. The Light) [10 Kilo] 08. Fiasco - 'Live In Bilbao' (E Craig Mix) [sunrise] 09. Hi-Gate - 'Work It Out' [incentive] 10. Santos - 'Camels' (Saints & Sinners Mix) [incentive] 11
  11. I don't really like John's style at present but this is a quality CD that will definitely be purchased. Kilimanjaro? Yes please!!!
  12. Absolute bangers!! Good effort mate! Will definitely be checking this out :winkthumbsup:
  13. WTF? :redface: I like it how you say LARGE dildo!! A small one obviously isn't enough!!