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  1. Jonathan1990 I’ll send you a PM on here as I’ve still got my Sony MDS JB980 deck - so I can happily extract the audio from that minidisc if you wish.
  2. Hi Eddie. Seem the uploader didn't upload any data to our servers, merely linked to a Youtube video to ID. Try clicking on the Download symbol above (next to the plus "+" sign) and it should take you to the uploader's Youtube vid. More importantly, do you still have any of your Jules tapes from 99 that aren't on this site? We'd love to archive them on here, even if they are fragments! Neuro
  3. Neuro

    '90s Dance Mags

    I'll find this for you - our Gallery needs a revamp and if you uploaded it we definitely have it. I'll let you know
  4. Ok so 20 years has elapsed and again perhaps the licence is up and they have their hands on the original sound recordings again.... The Lange remix 1998 version is presumably the only Lange remix (I uploaded the acetate entry you see on discogs, with the Thrillseekers' Synasthaesia on the flipside) which I then sold, but I wonder why it's OK to release it now when presumably it was a copyright issue in 1998?
  5. Great news, so something has happened here in the opaque world (well I've always seen it that way) of licensing and publishers... perhaps the license is up and so they have been free again to distribute their sound recordings as they want.
  6. Neuro

    New Shows?

    Fantastic work buddy, thank you!
  7. Don't all choke on your cornflakes, but Jules is a contestant on celebrity masterchef tonight. BBC1 Mondays @ 9:00pm
  8. @Simcut do you have the missing segments of this particular broadcast? Hoping it’s on one of those tapes you’ve found... did you say you have around 10 more shows still to digitise from 1999?
  9. Another belter - get downloading if you missed it
  10. I love this mix, a different direction from Jules here and a nice short mix to download on the move
  11. Jacey B has it right there of course
  12. And you have hit the nail on the head there sir. Jules was the "gateway DJ" for millions of people, opening their ears to the scene which then spurred us into discovering the tiny little subgenres that dance music has now fragmented into. As a DJ in his day, the magnifying glass was on him like no other in the UK, so the "consistency" argument is one brought up all the time. I've lost count the number of times I hear people say to me "I saw him perform a flawless set, so gathered my mates to see his next gig only to witness an inexplicably shocking set" leaving everyone bewildered
  13. Could be a coding error in which case we need to find another source from the web, as I don't have the original rip other than what is uploaded here. I will look into this - thanks
  14. I am still discovering some really old stuff, stuff like this which I actually taped back in 1991 4x 20-minute mixes for your ears Guest mixes on Radio 1 Show Hosted By The Pet Shop Boys, Aug 91 * Mondays Mix - Andy & Darren from 808 State * 1. Turntable Hype - Set You Free 2. Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) 3. KLF - What Time Is Love (Briefly) 4. Subject 13 - Eternity (Vinyl Solution) 5. Lupo - So Hard "so hot" 6. PSB - So Hard (KLF Mix) 7. 808 State - Lift 8. Cybersonik - Technarchy (Briefly) "listen to the rhythm