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  1. Wonderful stuff - will be listening to these tonight Gutted to hear about those tapes though!!
  2. Yes that's a new one I just came across too, apologies. A workaround for anybody trying to view their private messages, click on the envelope sign in the top right and then "Go To Inbox" link... We are upgrading the site on Saturday which hopefully will fix this. We also have some brand new audio for you all to devour coming soon
  3. The short clip is originally mine, which is lifted from Jules's show on 03/03/2001 - I happened to record a segment of the show and it was on it. I must try and find the minidisc now! From memory I'm sure Serious Records signed the track, but I've no idea why it never actually got released. Universal hold all the sound recording copyrights now for everything released before 2003, so we'll never hear it now. Might be worth asking Jules if he remembers?
  4. Jules just called this a cover of Visage - "a rather dubious band from the 80s" ? This clip is probably from 1999 or 2000
  5. Simcut has unearthed a few more tapes from 1998 and 1999. We're just sorting out server issue with hosting the mp3s and they'll be here
  6. Played by Dave Pearce back in 2002. I lost contact with ALF a long time ago but he was a top guy who at the time was putting out some really nice (unsigned) productions
  7. Another Jules track from mid-2000. I remember Jules saying it was on Neo Records, but could be wrong.
  8. Something Ferry played back in 2000, can't remember what it is!
  9. Can't find this on discogs and track title spelling looks wrong (doesn't make sense). However, it's all we have for now.
  10. Another great ID Burien! Original comments (for archive purposes) "Played by dave pearce in bbc radio 1 essential mix 27-05-2000 in homelands , i also listened this track in a file from another set called revival2001 but without more details. I contacted Dave Pearce and he answered that he dont remember who did it. I am very interested to identify this brillant tune :)"
  11. Played by Jules sometime in 2000
  12. I'll see what I can do mate! Thank you!
  13. 22. Vapour Trail - 'How Do You Say? (Forever)' (Mark & Larry's Epic Journey Mix) [Igloo] Picked the vinyl of this up on Discogs for literally pennies. The other mixes are very quick and a bit hard for me, but this Epic Journey Mix is absolutely wonderful and so pleased to have it on vinyl after all these years.
  14. You've got that at a snip. It was bloody impossible to find even years later without shelling out some serious dough (£100+). Digger did some other really nice tracks - worth going to that download link above and checking them out. "Gatwick" is my pick. Jules also played Digger - Episode Three here: