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    New Shows?

    We think we have exhausted every source out there, both in terms of audio and tracklistings, so unless we get contacted that someone has a stash of cassettes somewhere they want us to digitize and upload on here, or indeed they upload something new themselves, what we have in the archives is pretty much it. I do know I have the "end of year" Saturday show from 2000 somewhere split across 2 minidiscs which I would love to find. Once I do, you can be sure it will be uploaded straight away
  2. Worth a chat with a member on here called Louk. I know he recorded similar local radio shows and you never know, you could stumble across a goldmine of tapes
  3. One for the commute tomorrow! Thanks Aza
  4. I completely agree with this. For me Jules was the ultimate "gateway" DJ - very flawed, very inconsistent, but capable of truly sensational sets and unique passages of atmosphere. He opened a generation of people up to a variety of electronic music.... you only need to look at everybody on these forums all with their preferred niches and subgenres that they've discovered. But the common origin was Jules.
  5. Interesting read here, especially the bit about the (often forgotten but incredible) disco scene in the 1970s which was what really drove Technics to improve their SL-1100s
  6. Wonderful stuff Aza, hope all is well and I'll be downloading this for the morning commute to work tomorrow
  7. Happy New Year folks! Thought some people might find this interesting 00:00:00 ▶ Intro 0:02:24 ▶ Chapter One - Shouldn’t you stop being a waiter? Isn’t there anything else you’d like to do? 00:04:52 ▶ Chapter Two - R&S is doing great, but why don’t you start a label? 00:09:27 ▶ Chapter Three - We just wanted to make good music, release it, and party! 00:16:16 ▶ Chapter Four - You could just put a DJ name on a T-shirt and everybody wanted one 00:23:08 ▶ Chapter Five - There is the bag, figure it out 00:24:59 ▶ Chapter Six - When you went out or you played a Bonzai track, you just knew the roof would come down 00:30:06 ▶ Chapter Seven - We said, M.I.K.E., this is the A-side 00:40:48 ▶ Chapter Eight - And then all of a sudden, you lost everything 00:46:08 ▶ Chapter Nine - Let the Bonzai flag fly again
  8. Excellent mix! Would love a tracklisting... there's a few in there that have escaped even my mind! -Spanish guitar track at 50 mins?
  9. Hi Ankarra, per my PM if you have any issues let me know. I have an MDS-JB980 professional deck which I can rip quite easily from (including if recorded in MDLP which doubled or quadrupled the recording space, albeit at lower quality). It is a beast of a machine with digital inputs and outputs. It recorded many a Jules show for me back in the day! Because of the great build quality people are still buying them up today to use them as a high quality slave DAC (Digital to Analog converter) in the middle, which is quite clever. Anyway however, to preserve the digital format I transfer Minidisc to CD-R via S/PDIF, into my Pioneer PD-609 CD recorder , then rip the CD to mp3 in my PC. A bit cumbersome, but it was the only way I could think of that I was content with to ensure the entire process involved only digital routes, not analog. If only they made decent PC sound cards with digital inputs and outputs and I could skip this! Again, a great machine: Minidiscs were awesome back in the day, packing in almost everything of what was audible into a physically smaller space than a CD. They were encoded in Sony's ATRAC compression algorithm. I read somewhere this was equivalent to a mp3 today encoded at about 256kbps
  10. Any hyperlink to how we go about this?
  11. Neuro


    The percussion reminds me of Cosmic Grapa, could be another track on the same release? See below
  12. Just letting you know our audio archive is back online now. Sorry for the delay but we had some issues moving the files to a new server and storage system, which are now all fixed. Members can download again to their heart's content.... Some 68GB of Jules Audio!
  13. The audio archive is temporarily offline but should be up in 48 hours - sorry about that but we are moving servers. This set is unquestionably in my all-time favourites, glad you enjoyed
  14. Been a while since we had some new audio available for you all, so Simcut has dutifully dug out another one of those very special tapes for us from under the sofa... Nearly 20 years old but some serious gems on here. Enjoy!!
  15. Wonderful stuff - will be listening to these tonight Gutted to hear about those tapes though!!
  16. Yes that's a new one I just came across too, apologies. A workaround for anybody trying to view their private messages, click on the envelope sign in the top right and then "Go To Inbox" link... We are upgrading the site on Saturday which hopefully will fix this. We also have some brand new audio for you all to devour coming soon
  17. The short clip is originally mine, which is lifted from Jules's show on 03/03/2001 - I happened to record a segment of the show and it was on it. I must try and find the minidisc now! From memory I'm sure Serious Records signed the track, but I've no idea why it never actually got released. Universal hold all the sound recording copyrights now for everything released before 2003, so we'll never hear it now. Might be worth asking Jules if he remembers?
  18. Neuro

    id229: Visage?

    Jules just called this a cover of Visage - "a rather dubious band from the 80s" ? This clip is probably from 1999 or 2000
  19. Simcut has unearthed a few more tapes from 1998 and 1999. We're just sorting out server issue with hosting the mp3s and they'll be here
  20. Played by Dave Pearce back in 2002. I lost contact with ALF a long time ago but he was a top guy who at the time was putting out some really nice (unsigned) productions
  21. Neuro


    Another Jules track from mid-2000. I remember Jules saying it was on Neo Records, but could be wrong.
  22. Something Ferry played back in 2000, can't remember what it is!