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  1. Seems there is a track missing (#25) from the end of the tracklist, after 24. Primer - 'Everlast' [bonzai Music]. Jules calls it "DG - 573" - perhaps someone knows if that was a working title because I can't find a track by that name (and neither can Shazam). Or maybe "DG" is spelt differently. Sounds like hard house. Also "21. Eden Project - 'Unknown' [white label]" is Eden Project - Mummy. Interesting that he was playing this as a white label in 2004 as it doesn't look like it was released until 2006!
  2. Awesome! Never expected to see this. Some of the tracks are full length, others are the same length as the mixed CD we all have. Bit strange, I might just buy selected tracks rather than the whole thing in that case.
  3. Cool, thanks! Wouldn't buy it but nice to hear it anyhow.
  4. How is it? Would be keen to hear it!
  5. Tracklist isn't exactly right, it should go: 05. Junior Senior - 'Rhythm Bandits' (Unknown Remix) [Crunchy Frog] 06. Ferry Corsten - 'Rock Your Body, Rock' [Purple Eye] 7. Dirt Devils - Music Is Life [NuLife Recordings] Judge For Yourself 08. Mauro Damagio - 'I'm Damaged' (Lizarazu Mix) [white label] And so on.. just missing Music Is Life from the tracklist.
  6. I see I posted in this thread a year ago! :shifty: Just wanted to ask if anyone knows the full title for "23. Unknown - 'Payback' [white label]"? It's pretty great, thanks in advance.
  7. For what it's worth, 24. Unknown - 'F' [white label] is Teddy Ring & Tijs Verhoeven - Hornet I am so grateful for this site, it's amazing.
  8. I know this thread is old as hell, don't know if anyone will see this but worth a shot. I'd been looking for this track for so long too and assumed it never got a release. Just had another look and it was finally released in 2008: It's also on Beatport, I just bought it: I had no idea it was by JDS, I always knew it as 'Scorpion - Fire'. Really happy to finally have it after about 10 years lol, hope this helps someone if anyone is still looking for it!
  9. Thanks so much! EDIT: 06. Mr Black & Eddie M - 'Set Me Free' [white label] was actually the track I was thinking of. So weird it randomly came into my head when I woke up after not hearing it for nearly 10 years. Still can't find any info on it though, anyone know if it ever got released under a different title or something?
  10. Guessing it's a bit of a long shot but can anyone reupload (or fix) this show? It says "We could not find the file specified" and the zippyshare link is also broken. Thanks. Also, the reason I'm asking is because I'm trying to hunt down 06. Mr Black & Eddie M - 'Set Me Free' [white label]. Nothing on youtube, google / discogs brings nothing either. It might not even be the track I'm thinking of but I'm really hoping it is.
  11. Oh god why, just horrific. I'd seen all the talk about the remix but never bothered to listen to it until now.
  12. I've been trawling through the tracklist archive all morning and remembering so many classics and lost tunes from 2003/04. I've been buying what I can off iTunes but it's a shame so many have never seen a digital release. I may just give in and buy the vinyls for a few of the best ones. Thanks for this great resource you have here, really appreciate the effort you've gone to.