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  1. Not sure what he is up to but he has a Special announcement to make and is doing another Live Q and A on his Facebook page 7:30pm gmt
  2. WAP

    Gold N Delicious / Les Hemstock

    I meant as In it didn't get a commercial release due to the sample clearance . I have a rip of the Club Class Seventeen CD that someone did for me so have a good copy of the original but as far as I know the Lange mix was only promoed by Serious on acetate. Do you have a copy on CD Jason?
  3. Hi Guys, I've been bugging Les for a few years now and he has finally had the time to rip and upload some of his old sets from Gold n Delicious. I've been bugging him to release his Gold n Delicious - Ascension track that Jules hammered in 1998 which I've loved since hearing it. He said he is planning on releasing and remixing it at some point and possibly the vocal version that is on his soundcloud page. Les has been uploading them set rips here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvAYCTzb1KSGESeNYZfL1uQ Les' personal Facebook page that he puts some of his current DJ and production bits on https://www.facebook.com/nothingbutmirage Brand new Gold n Delicious facebook page - worth following https://www.facebook.com/Gold-n-Delicious-1860311547347556/ hope this is of interest and for those that don't know Les is behind the Jive Bunny Master mix series (he is a legend!)
  4. Tried for years to ID this as well, had it on tape and used to listen to it on my Walkman loads. Thanks for the upload. Have you emailed Jules, he might remember it as he sounded excited about it? Think it was late 1998 or early 1999 as I remember playing it to a friend at college that left around the same time (strange memory but he gave me a load of DJ Hixxy tapes off the back of it).
  5. I have a copy of Dave Pearce's facebook video upload (2.30 mins ish) of this event, think it may have been part of a BBC promo? Can it be up loaded here some how so its not lost for ever and would anyone be interested in seeing it?
  6. Sadly Jason you are correct, really annoying and I hadn't noticed that.
  7. I've seen other copies the same (mispressed) like mine so may have been a big batch of them or at the last minute the Sample couldn't be cleared, who knows? I've since bought this (https://www.discogs.com/Various-The-White-Disc-Volume-WD0026/release/723856) and the version on there doesn't fade out if you are looking for full digital copy of it?
  8. 16. unknown - 'unknown' [white label] Is Westbam - The Roof is on Fire (Stretch n Vern High Spirit mix)
  9. just a thought but its not Marco V - Solarize (sounds similar to Sunrise) 2003 is it? Also check out Sunrise records on discogs as they were formed in 2000, DJ's around that time would often get a White label / Acetate that had just had the record companies name and release number hand written on it and they read it out thinking it was the Artist / Title. JJ was guilty of that a few times over the years. https://www.discogs.com/label/2181-Sunrise-Recordings?sort=year&sort_order=
  10. 08. Skinky Pink - Last Train to Kings Cross (one of the Rhythm Masters remixes)
  11. bit of a while since your post but.......I don't know if there is a difference as the mix Jules and Co played never got released (possibly due to clearance issues). Although the Deconstruction 12" and CD release say they have the TACT 98 mix on they don't. The 12" is a double press of the B side (Anthem / Adrenalin). I remember rushing home after buying them only to find out they didn't have the mix on there they said did. The only place to get the version Jules played was on the Deconstruction 12" Promo (labelled the same as the release version) or on one of the those White disc Promo CD compilation series .
  12. 06. unknown - 'unknown' [white label] = 187 Lockdown - The Don -Sharp DTPM mix
  13. WAP

    Random Track

    its not " Eddie Amador - House Music" is it?
  14. I recorded the 2003 one live onto mini disc and cut out all the bits in between sets, its much better quality than the one above. if I get around to it ill rip / upload it from the 4 or 5 discs its on. I was told by someone that went to this that Fergie cleared the floor during some of his sets...... i think i have one from 2005 ish as well maybe before that Seb fontaine or Pete Tong won but i don't think its all the broadcast? will have a look
  15. WAP

    98 retromix

    Nice mix, there are some belters in there. 98 was one of my favourite years, if not my favourite. So many tracks that were gold and at such a vibrant time for clubbing and dance music, just when that Dutch trance sound was coming through.