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  1. Episode 209 - 30mins of firing techno Tracklist 01. Heerhorst "The Rhythm" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 02. Hollen "Rack Modulation" [Misfit Music - Forthcoming] 03. Spektre "Forged In The Heart Of A Laserbeam" (Rudosa Remix) [Respekt Recordings] 04. Melody's Enemy "Open Your Eyes" (Oliver Lieb Vocal Remix) [Phobiq] 05. Alessandro Grops "Setrums" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 06. Uncertain "Crack" [Complexed Records - Forthcoming] 07. Giovanni Carozza "Spectrum" [JAM] #ThrowbackTrack - 2004 08. Remy & Roland Klinkenberg "Till Ya Drop" [Electronic Elements]
  2. Episode 207, new 30mins studio mix from yours truly: Tracklist 01. Durtysoxxx, Optimuss "Slappit" [Misfit Music - Forthcoming] 02. Brennen Grey "In A Dream" [Kraftek] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 03. Mark Greene "Collective" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 04. Spencer Dunning "Surrender" [IAMT] 05. Steam Shape "Ravine" [Odd Recordings] 06. Rudosa "Let The Beat" [Odd Recordings] 07. Eats Everything "Maratho" [Kneaded Pains] 08. Linus Quick "That Will Be Nice" [Complexed Records - Forthcoming]
  3. Episode 206 - lots of massive new music Tracklist 01. Durtysoxxx, Optimuss "Slappit" [Misfit Music - Forthcoming] 02. Brennen Grey "Of All The Things I've Lost" [Kraftek] 03. Patrik Berg "Beyond Control" [Terminal M] 04. Rustek "A Flicker In The Dark" [Kraftek] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 05. Carl Bee "Wolfer" [Miles From Mars] 06. Dale Fairbairn "Definition" [Kraftek] 07. Brennen Grey "In A Dream" [Kraftek] 08. Patrik Berg "Metroid" [Terminal M] 09. Kaiserdisco, Karotte "Redneck" [Tronic] 10. Mark Greene "Collective" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 11. Alan Fitzpatrick "You Can't See Us" [Suara] 12. Alias "The Wolf" [Kneaded Pains] 13. Alan Fitzpatrick "Roll With This" [Suara]
  4. Episode 204 - loads of new music Tracklist 01. Carl Bee "Drag n Drop" [Miles From Mars - forthcoming] 02. Raphael Piperno "Detuned" [Complexed Records - forthcoming] 03. Timmo "Starlight" [Terminal M] 04. Christian Smith, Drunken Kong "Why Are We Here?" [Tronic] 05. Carl Bee "Wolfer" [Miles From Mars - forthcoming] 06. OC & Verde "Cobra" [Filth On Acid] 07. Ramon Tapia "Mind Trip" [Terminal M] 08. A.S.H. "Whispers" [We Are The Brave] 09. Spektre "Planet Noir" [Noir Music] 10. Skober "Analog Dream" [Phobiq] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 11. OC & Verde "Menace" [Filth On Acid] 12. Brennen Grey "All The Things I've Lost" [Kraftek]
  5. Brand new mix from me, first one for a couple of weeks due to guest mixers. Tracklist 01. Superstrobe & Dominik Vaillant "Acid Machine" [Phobiq] 02. A.S.H. "You" [We Are The Brave] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 03. Stiv Hey "The Present" (SUDO Remix) [Miles From Mars] 04. Pete Lazonby "Sacred Circles" (Adam Beyer, Bart Skils, Layton Giordani Renaissance Remix) [Renaissance Records] 05. Ramon Tapia "Vibrations" [Terminal M] 06. A.S.H. "Whisper" [We Are The Brave] 07. Boxia "Where Are Your Friends" [Drumcode] 08. Spartaque "Breaking Bad" [Misfit Music - Forthcoming] 09. KlangKuenstler "Teufels Schneide" [Filth On Acid] 10. Underworld "Born Slippy" (KUSP Edit) [Unreleased] 11. Giovanni Carozza "To The Top" [Bitten] #ThrowbackTrack - 2016 12. Charlotte de Witte "When The Going Gets Rough" (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix) [Sleaze Records] 13. KlangKuenstler "Lebendige Geister" [Filth On Acid]
  6. For Episode 200 I recorded a live set, enjoy the full 90mins Episode 200 - TR200 Max Kane, recorded live at The Sunday Social Tracklist 01. YENI "Flinge Finger" [Unknown Territory] 02. Victor Ruiz "Nimbus" [Drumcode] 03. Pleasurekraft, Dave Sinner "Alien Body Double" [Kraftek] 04. Ramon Tapia "Exposure" [Gem Records] 05. KlangKuenstler "Zorn Amons" [OUTWORLD] 06. Andre Crom "The Mirror Method" (Giovanni Carozza Remix) [Tronic] 07. Dense & Pika "Delta System" (Ramon Tapia Dubba Dub) [Kneaded Pains] 08. Spektre ft Juliet Fox "Thinking About You" [Kraftek] 09. Dave Sinner "Cygnus" [Kraftek] 10. OC & Verde "Mondoshawan" [Respekt Recordings] 11. Stiv Hey "The Present" [Miles From Mars] 12. Monika Kruse meets Timmo "Violet" [Terminal M] 13. Wehbba "Third Wave" [Drumcode] 14. Alan Fiztpatrick "We Do What We Want" (KanEdit) [We Are The Brave 15. Spartaque "Breaking Bad" [Misfit Music] 16. KlangKuenstler "Balthazar" [OUTWORLD] 17. Rudosa "Open Conflict" [We Are The Brave] 18. Ignacio Arfeli, I Am Bam "Hypnosis" [Suara] 19. Spektre "Gates of Dawn" [Respekt Recordings] 20. Robert Miles "Children" (Victor Ruiz Tribute) [Unreleased]
  7. Episode 199 Tracklist 01. The Reactivitz "Dimension" [Intec] 02. Loco & Jam "We Came We Raved" [Tronic] 03. Stiv Hey "The Waves" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 04. Victor Ruiz "Nimbus" [Drumcode] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 05. Mark Reeve "Geometric" [SubVision] 06. Dave Sinner "Cygnus" [Kraftek] 07. Stiv Hey "The Present" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 08. Spartaque "With My Fireworks" [Codex Recordings] 09. Andre Crom "The Mirror Method" (Giovanni Carozza Remix) [Tronic] 10. Kaiserdisco "Dosinia" [Suara] 11. Vinicius Honorio "Spellbound" [Liberta Records] 12. KlangKuenstler "Balthazar" [OUTWORLD] #ThrowbackTrack - 1994/2011 13. Secret Cinema "Timeless Altitude" (Secret Cinema's 2011 Mix) [Gem Records]
  8. We're back to banging on the show this week... Tracklist 01. MNTL "Unsung" [Misfit Music - Forthcoming] 02. Dense & Pika "Delta System" (Ramon Tapia Dubba Dub) [Kneaded Pains] 03. Loco & Jam "Elektron" [Tronic] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 04. Pleasurekraft & Dave Sinner "Alien Body Double" [Kraftek] 05. Durtysoxxx & Optimuss "Neon" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 06. Nicolas Taboada "Disaster" [Miles From Mars] 07. KlangKuenstler "Zorn Amons" [OUTWORLD] 08. OC & Verde "Mondoshawan" [Respekt Recordings]
  9. More new music! Deeper vibes this week Tracklist 01. Oscar L, Matt Sassari "Electric Noise" [Stereo Productions] 02. Ron Costa "Swollen" [Potobolo Records] 03. Sinisa Tamamovic "Rings" [Yoshitoshi Recordings] #ThrowbackTrack - 2011 04. Joseph Capriati "Spring Sprouts" [Unrilis] 05. Kristin Velvet "Friday the 12th" (Cari Lekebusch Remix) [Arms & Legs] 06. Ron Costa "Shred" [Potobolo Records] 07. Dorroo "Undershow" [Intec] 08. Loco & Jam, Oscar L "The Rain" [EDIT] 09. Oscar L, Matt Sassari "A Different Day" [We Are The Brave] 10. A.S.H. "Agenda" [We Are The Brave] 11. Highestpoint "Tribal Hole" [Unity Records] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 12. Monika Kruse meets Timmo "Violet" [Terminal M] 13. Collective States "Recognizer" [We Are The Brave]
  10. New music! A little deeper to start this week, working into some ravey tracks towards the end Tracklist 01. Nico Cabeza "Bender" [Miles From Mars] 02. Dosem "Watch Out" [Stereo Productions] 03. Riva Starr "The Hole" (Layton Giordani Remix) [Truesoul] 04. Carl Bee "Rumble" [Intec] 05. Loco & Jam, Oscar L "The Rain" [EDIT] #ThrowbackTrack - 2015 06. Gaga "New Vision" (DJ Boris Remix) [Transmit Recordings] 07. Spektre ft Juliet Fox "Thinking About You" [Kraftek] 08. Veerus "Hypnosis" [Drumcode] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 09. Nicolas Taboada "Upside Down" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 10. Ramon Tapia "Exposure" [GEM Records] 11. Giovanni Carozza "Exposure" [Codex Recordings] 12. Axel Karakasis "Secular Liquid" [Tronic] 13. Sara Simonit "Womp" [Transmit Recordings]
  11. Tracklist 01. Uncertain "Acieed" [Complexed Records - Forthcoming] 02. Alan Fitzpatrick & Camelphat "Kona" [We Are The Brave] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 03. Ramon Tapia "Exposure" [GEM Records] 04. Sara Simonit "Unholy" [Transmit Recordings] 05. Rudosa "Smash The System" [Suara] 06. Umek "19119" [1605] 07. Nicolas Taboada "Upside Down" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 08. Hush & Sleep "Sacrifice" [Etruria Beat] 09. Alex Bilancini "Segments" [Etruria Beat] 10. Filterheadz & Gaston Zani "Possesion" [Tronic] 11. Kunky "Oblique" [Respekt Recordings] #ThrowbackTrack - 2012 12. Sasha Carassi & Axel Karakasis "Inflame" [Remain Records] 13. M.I.T.A. "Wide Angle" [Suara]
  12. Final part of my 3 hour set from Zephyr... Tracklist 01. Wehbba ft DJ Deeon "We Have Bass" [Drumcode] 02. Gary Beck "Potion Fear" [BEK Audio] 03. Arjun Vagale "Le Freak" [Odd Recordings] 04. I Am Bam "Resistance" [Loose Records] 05. Spartaque "Everywhere" [Terminal M] 06. Joyhauser "Killer Queen" [Terminal M] 07. Ramon Tapia "Raveathon" [Octopus Records] 08. Umek "Retractor" [Filth On Acid] 09. Tomaz vs Filterheadz "Sunshine" (Filterheadz 2012 Mix) [1605] 10. Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani & Green Velvet "Space Date" [Drumcode] 11. Dok & Martin "Residual" [Transmit Recordings] 12. Ronnie Spiteri "Talking To Nature" [We Are The Brave] 13. BBE "Seven Days and One Week" (Collective States Cantina Rerub) [Unreleased]
  13. Part 2 of my recent set, recorded live from a night called Zephyr. Tracklist 01. Rob Hes "Infamous" [Pursuit Recordings] 02. Dysart "The Drums" [Kneaded Pains] 03. Veerus "Apocalypse" [Drumcode] 04. Rob Hes "Hit of C" [Pursuit Recordings] 05. Maxie Devine "Snake" [Octopus Records Black] 06. Alan Fitzpatrick "Organic" [Drumcode] 07. Ramon Tapia "Obscurity" [Octopus Records] 08. Filterheadz & Gaston Zani "Possession" [Tronic] 09. Wehbba "Third Wave" [Drumcode] 10. Veerus "Hypnosis" [Drumcode] 11. Melody's Enemy "Open Your Eyes" [Phobiq] 12. Martin Eyerer & Ackermann "Slices" (Loco & Jam Remix) [Ignite! Records] 13. Pig & Dan "Infinity" [Drumcode] 14. Wehbba ft DJ Deeon "We Have Bass" [Drumcode]
  14. Tracklist 01. Vinicius Honorio "The Last Dark Cloud" [Liberta Records] 02. Anna Reusch "I'm About" [Tronic] 03. Melody's Enemy "S.T.F." [W&O Street Tracks] 04. Will Clarke & Eli Brown "Stay" [Truesoul] 05. Green Velvet & Laytion Giordani "Fuzion" [Relief] 06. Sinisa Tamamovic "Feedback" [Mindshake Records] 07. Nicole Moudaber "Your Love Picks Me Up" [Truesoul] 08. Carl Bee "Rumble" [Intec] 09. Dosem "Watch Out" [Stereo Productions] 10. Riva Starr "The Hole" (Layton Giordani Remix) [Truesoul] 11. Oscar L "Wah Wah" [Stereo Productions] 12. DJ Rolando "Jaguar" (Sara Simonit Bootleg) [Unreleased] 13. Metodi Hristov ft Juliet Fox "Completely" [Filth On Acid] 14. Rob Hes "Infamous" [Pursuit Recordings]
  15. Latest podcast from me, part 1 of a 3 hour set recorded live last weekend. Will have the tracklist soon