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  1. Episode 229 - 30mins of new music, more melodic vibe this week Tracklist 01. Dosem "Restart This" [Truesoul] 02. D-Unity "Feel" (Loco & Jam Remix) [Tronic] 03. Drunken Kong "The Eye" [Stil Vor Talent] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 04. Dale Fairbairn "Expanse" [Miles From Mars] 05. Balthazar & JackRock "Nymph" [Terminal M] 06. Mark Greene "Give Me That" [Ballroom Black] 07. Steam Shape "Cogs" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 08. Brennen Grey "Les Diuex" [Respekt Recordings]
  2. Episode 228 - 30mins of firing new techno Tracklist 01. Dale Fairbairn "Angular Momentum" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 02. Sara Simonit "13 Guns" [Second State] 03. Weska "EQ64" [Weska] 04. Gary Beck "Rapture" [Second State] 05. Andres Campo "Ray" [Kneaded Pains] 06. Gary Beck "Chasing Dragons" [BEK Audio] 07. Jam El Mar "Demon Likes" [Free Download - ]
  3. Our first show of 2020, episode 227. 30mins studio mix Tracklist 01. I Am Bam & Ignacio Arfeli "Rave" [Misfit Music - Forthcoming] 02. Toni Dextor "Foresight" [Off Recordings] 03. Ignacio Arfeli "No Regrets" [Noir Music] 04. Rudosa "Big Black Cloud" [Suara] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 05. Eric Sneo "Chains" [Misfit Music] 06. Andres Campo "OMG" [Noir Music] 07. Callum Plant "The Saint of Killers" [Airsound Records]
  4. Episode 226 - the annual Best of Year mix for 2019 Episode 226 - Max Kane "TechnoRecommended - Tracks of 2019" Tracklist 01. Coyu "Practical Disorder Compulsory" (Intro Drums) [Suara] 02. Layton Giordani "Chrome" [Drumcode] 03. Ramon Tapia "Sonic Theory" [Drumcode] 04. Melody's Enemy "Open Your Eyes" (Oliver Lieb Vocal Remix) [Phobiq] 05. Stiv Hey "Can't Stop" (Brennen Grey Remix) [Respekt Recordings] 06. Spektre "Gates of Dawn" [Respekt Recordings] 07. Spektre ft Juliet Fox "Thinking About You" [Kraftek] 08. Wehbba "Third Wave" [Drumcode] 09. Rudosa "Technical Difficulties" [Noir Music] 10. Pleasurekraft "The Day The Earth Stood Still" (Arjun Vagale Remix) [Kraftek] 11. Giovanni Carozza "Watch Down" [JAM] 12. Wehbba ft DJ Deeon "We Have Bass" [Drumcode] 13. Eats Everything "Space Raiders" (Charlotte de Witte Remix) [Kneaded Pains] 14. KlangKuenstler "Zorn Amons" [OUTWORLD] 15. Brennen Grey "In A Dream" [Kraftek]
  5. Episode 225 - 90mins recorded live in London last weekend. Full fire from the outset, with a few classics included Tracklist 01. The Preventer " Prevention R1" [Black Brook Limited] 02. David Temessi "Evar" [Elemntra Records] 03. The Reactivitz, Atroxx "Optical Converter" [Octops Records] 04. Rudosa "Descendents" [We Are The Brave] 05. Juliana Yamasaki "Fear" [DCRYTPED] 06. Andres Campo "OMG" [Noir Music] 07. KUSP "Diss" [We Are The Brave] 08. Juliana Yamasaki "Overcoming" [DCRYPTED] 09. "Influx" [Elementra Records] 10. Uncertain "Crystal" [Say What] 11. Underworld "Born Slippy" (KUSP Edit) [Unreleased] 12. David Temessi, Victoria Franches "Dose Two" [rawe] 13. Rudosa "Big Black Cloud" [Suara] 14. String Theory "Swarm" (Umek's Hornet Remix) [Intec] 15. DK8 "Murder Was The Bass" (Slam Re-Edit) [Soma] 16. Rudosa "Expanded" [Suara] 17. KlangKuenstler "Strom Der Welt" [OUTWORLD] 18. Envoy "Dark Manoeuvres" (Dax J Remix) [Soma] 19. KUSP "Bodied" [We Are The Brave] 20. KlangKuenstler "Supernova" [OUTWORLD] 21. CRW "I Feel Love" (DRL Rework) [Unreleased]
  6. Episode 224 - new studio mix, banging from the outset! Tracklist 01. Dok & Martin "Dark Fire" [Misfit Music - Forthcoming] 02. Richard Cleber "Juara" [Miles From Mars] 03. Ace Alvarez "Apocalypse" [Sleaze Records] 04. Axel Karakasis "Echoing Demons" [KD RAW] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 05. Vinicius Honorio "Bleak Town" [Planet Rhythm] 06. Uncertain "Crystal" [Say What?] 07. Off System "Tischtennis" [DSR Digital] 08. Uncertain "Shade" [Focus Records] 09. Charlotte de Witte "Form" [KNTXT] 10. Eric Sneo "Chains" [Misfit Music - Forthcoming] 11. Phutek "Ravage" (Rudosa Remix) [InDeep'n'Dance] 12. Ignacio Arfeli "Weird Stone" [Off Recordings] 13. KlangKuenstler "Strom Die Welt" [OUTWORLD] 14. Juliana Yamasaki "Overcoming" [DCRYPTED] 15. David Temessi, Victoria Franches "Dose Two" [rawe] 16. Ryan McKay "Drumworks" [BEK Audio]
  7. Episode 223 - We celebrate 5 years of the TR Podcast with a special mix featuring some of the biggest tracks from the history of the podcast Tracklist 01. Luigi Madonna "Le Ly Land" [Drumcode] 02. Kaiserdisco ft Cari Golden "Electric" (Dubspeeka Remix) [KD RAW] 03. Gary Beck "Backward" [BEK Audio] 04. Arjun Vagale "Le Freak" [Odd Recordings] 05. Ramon Tapia "Projex" [Kneaded Pains] 06. Dubspeeka "Primary K290" [Drumcode] 07. Alan Fitzpatrick "Truant" [Cocoon Recordings] 08. Brennen Grey "Through The Lens" (BG's Opus - It's A Fine Day Live Edit) [Unreleased] 09. Pig & Dan "Ukraine" [Drumcode] 10. Emmanuel Top "Acid Phase" (Timmo Rework) [Unreleased] 11. Arjun Vagale ft Juliet Fox "Radiate" [Odd Recordings] 12. Alan Fitzpatrick "We Do What We Want" (KanEdit) [We Are The Brave] 13. Adam Beyer, Enrico Sangiuliano "Preset Heaven" [Drumcode] 14. Spektre "Forged In The Heart Of A Laserbeam" [Respekt Recordings]
  8. Episode 222 - new studio mix Tracklist 01. [Wex10] "World Cup 94" [Mindshake Records] 02. Fer Br, Andres Campo "Brampo" [Mindshake Records] 03. Andres Campo "2 Late" [EI8HT] 04. Will Clarke "Listen Linda" [Kneaded Pains] 05. Egbert "Dub Dub" [Kneaded Pains] 06. Andrea Oliva "The Repeater" (Oscar L Remix) [Truesoul] 07. Ronnie Spiteri "Rough Rider" [Tronic] 08. Mark Reeve "La Playa" (OC & Verde Remix) [Do Not Sleep] 09. Alex Stein "Impact Theory" [Terminal M] 10. Dok & Martin "Radiance" [Misfit Music - Forthcoming] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 11. Rudosa "Freedom" [We Are The Brave] 12. Bruno Aguirre "Black Mamba" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 13. Sara Simonit "Airflare" [Suara] 14. Alessandro Grops "Reaktor" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming]
  9. Episode 220 - Studio Mix Tracklist 01. Matador "Dynamite" [Rukus] 02. Rebuke "Operator" [Drumcode] #ThrowbackTrack - 2015 03. Joel Mull "Pulhapanzak" [MOOD] 04. Will Clarke "Listen Linda" [Kneaded Pains] 05. Dysart "Complicit" [Intec] 06. Siege "Play It" (Extended Mix) [We Are The Brave] 07. Steam Shape "Forget About Time" [Respekt Recordings] 08. Alex Stein "Pursuit" [Terminal M] 09. Loco & Jam, Gaston Zani "Absolute Chaos" [Agile Recordings] 10. Steam Shape "Into My Veins" [Respekt Recordings] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 11. Alex Stein "Impact Theory" [Terminal M] 12. Sara Simonit "Furia" [Tronic] 13. Alessandro Grops "Graphyte" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 14. Drunken Kong "Viper" [Octopus Records]
  10. Episode 219 - 1 hour studio mix Tracklist 01. Anfisa Letyago "Hypnotic" [Intec] 02. Dysart "Complicit" [Intec] 03. Rebuke "Operator" [Drumcode] 04. Shelley Johannson "Inner Self" [Octopus Records] 05. Hollen "Hype" (Maxie Devine Remix) [Hydrozoa] 06. A.S.H. "One Kiss" [We Are The Brave] 07. OC & Verde "Cloak" [Truesoul] 08. Martin Bundsen "Distortions" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 09. A.S.H. "Reactor" [We Are The Brave] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 10. Vinicius Honorio, Balthazar & JackRock "Second Look" [Octopus Records] 11. Mark Greene "Orca" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 12. Richard Cleber "Juara" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 13. "Dementia" [Odd Recordings] 14. Rudosa "Isolation" [Moments In Time]
  11. Episode 217 - taking things deeper & more melodic this week... Tracklist 01. Distale "Dedication" [Foment] 02. Distale "3dd" [Unreleased] 03. Carlo Ruetz "Thunder" [Senso Sounds] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 04. OC & Verde "Cloak" [Truesoul] 05. BOHO & Mycell "Fuze" [Night Light Records] 06. Pablo Say "Hypnotic Bells" [Loose Records] 07. Anna Reusch "Do It" [Transmit Recordings] 08. Dysart "Complicit" [Intec] 09. BOHO & Mycell "Snapper" [Night Light Records] #ThrowbackTrack - 2014 10. Ian O'Donovan "Slipstream" [Tronic] 11. Chris Veron "Air Roll" (Celic Remix) [Evolvement Recordings] 12. Nico Cabeza "Half Measure" (Mattia Saviola Remix) [Miles From Mars]
  12. Episode 216 - 30mins, full fire Tracklist 01. Veerus "Prohpecy" [Drumcode] 02. Spencer Dunning "Error" [Le Club Records] 03. Layton Giordani "Chrome" [Drumcode] 04. Gene Karz, Lesia Karz "Meduza" (Brennen Grey Remix) [Eclipse Recordings] 05. KlangKuenstler "Razor" [Second State] 06. Drums Theory "Strong Love" (Luca Agnelli Remix) [Etruria Beat] 07. Introversion "Cataphiles" [Arts]
  13. Episode 215 - 1 hour studio mix, lots of bangers! Tracklist 01. Mark Greene "People" [Misfit Music - Forthcoming] 02. Eli Brown "Come Together" (Extended Mix) [We Are The Brave] 03. Veerus "Prophecy" [Drumcode] 04. Layton Giordani "Chrome" [Drumcode] 05. Noir "Lumiere Sombre" (Spektre Remix) [Noir Music] 06. Rudosa "Decades" [JAM] 07. Tobias Lueke "Transmitter" [Himmel] 08. Gene Karz, Lesia Karz "Meduza" (Brennen Grey Remix) [Eclipse Recordings] 09. Ramon Tapia "Entity" [Suara] 10. Alan Fitzpatrick "Hei├če Rakete" [Drumcode] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 11. Ramon Tapia "Sonic Theory" [Drumcode] 12. Alessandro Grops "Setrums" [Miles From Mars] 13. Luca Agnelli "Apollo" [Drumcode] 14. Nico Cabeza "Half Measure" (Mattia Saviola Remix) [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming]
  14. Episode 214 - 30mins of bangers Tracklist 01. Mark Greene "As If" (Instrumental) [Misfit Music - Forthcoming] 02. Luca De-Santo "Basic Empathy" (Giovanni Carozza Remix) [Funk'n Deep Black] 03. Spencer Dunning "Error" [Le Club Records] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 04. Rudosa "Decades" [JAM] 05. Drums Theory "Strong Love" (Luca Agnelli Remix) [Etruria Beat] 06. David Temessi, Atze Ton "Code of Acid" [OFF Recordings] 07. Nico Cabeza "Half Measure" (Mattia Saviola Remix) [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming]
  15. Episode 212 - recorded live over the Bank holiday weekend. Deeper grooving vibes this week. I played an early evening warm-up set, this is taken from the middle during a transition from deeper stuff into some more techno focused tracks Tracklist 01. Fabio Neural "Tundra" [Misfit Music] 02. J Swink "Hypnotized" (Ron Costa Remix) [Fierce Animal Recordings] 03. Oscar L "Unique" [Truesoul] 04. Dysart "Days Go By" [Intec] 05. Ronnie Spiteri "Sunrise" (Oscar L Rasco Remix) [Stereo Productions] 06. Highestpoint "Purple Potion" [Le Club Records] 07. Bart Skils, Weska "Polarize" [Drumcode] 08. Shelley Johannson "Frenetic" [Octopus Records]