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  1. Latest edition of TRR - our 293rd show! 2 hours of hot new techno (including a banging final mix from yours truly): Tracklist 01. Tony Tyson "Flare" [Cortex Recordings] 02. Insical "Flood" [The AudioBloc] 03. DCM "Conciencia" (Linear Phase Remix) [Signal Ltd] 04. Ian Axide "Phrenetic" [Emphatic Records] 05. Antidote MT "Fuse Injector" (Linear System Remix v1) [Solid Tracks Recordings] Future Focus 06. Michel Lauriola, Fixeer "Integration of Parts" [Gynoid Audio] 07. RNGD "Forward
  2. Show 292 - featuring a 1 hour Warm Up mix from yours truly + an awesome guest mix from Albert Salvatierra in hour 2 Tracklist Hour 1 - Max Kane 01. Yan Cook "Synthetic Soul" [Planet Rhythm] 02. Joao Cambraia "Rubber Brake" [Liberta Records] 03. Juan Trujillo "Crystal Matter" [Unknown Territory] 04. Matt Altman "Old Habits Die Hard" [Trau-ma] 05. 4NYØN3 "Dropping Swing" [Utopia Society] 06. RNGD "Forward Motion" [Utopia Society] Future Focus 07. Insical "Flood" [The AudioBloc]
  3. Show 291 - 1 hour from me + a 1 hour guest mix from RE_MAART Techno Recommends Radio with Max Kane & RE_MAART Techno Recommends Radio welcomes the brilliant RE_MAART to the show this week, for an exclusive Headline Mix! August 6 2021 Tracklist Hour 1 - Max Kane 01. Joline Scheffler "Strövtåg" [SUB TL] 02. A. Paul & DJ Dextro "Black Rainbow" [Naked Lunch] Future Focus 03. Vohkinne "Glacial Tides" [MindTrip] 04. Insolate "In Praise of Shadows"
  4. The 288th show that we have put out under the TR banner. A non-stop 2 hour extended mix from yours truly: Tracklist 01. Fred Asquith "No One's Watching" (S-File Remix) [Room 2] 02. Uncertain "Ride" [GND Records] 03. Marcal "It Doesn't Resemble" [GND Records] 04. Deadwalkman "Acres of Skin" [Rave Code] 05. The Plant Worker "Escape" [Gynoid Audio] 06. Michel Lauriola "Doble Standard" [[R]3volution] 07. Moddullar "Carbon" (Kwartz Remix) [Faut Section] 08. The Plant Worker "Is There
  5. Latest edition of TRR Tracklist 01. Pfirter "Restart Pattern" [Paralelo] 02. Lex Gorrie "Domino Effect" [Sleaze Records] 03. Michel Lauriola "The Lost Valley" [Ucker Records] 04. Goldzik "Rust" [Trau-ma] 05. Oktobr "Vortex" [KSR] 06. Pfirter "Urgency" [Paralelo] 07. HLX-1 "Curious City" [Seclusion] Future Focus - Josh Reeve "Agita" EP 08. Josh Reeves "Silo" [Autonome Records] 09. Josh Reeves "Rigid" [Autonome Records] 10. DIAPO, Rismu "Flamup" [[R]3volution] 11. Steel Force
  6. Techno Recommends Radio Tracklist 01. M.R.E.U.X. "Dark Mind" (Ben Sims Remix) [Blumoog Music] 02. P-Ben "Explorer" [SIYFH] 03. Gotshell "Crujido" (Mark Broom Remix) [Sleaze Records] 04. Michael Klein "Unagi" [RX Recordings] 05. Stephen Disario ft Danny Wabbit "Back On The Pot" [Planet Rhythm] 06. Extraco Molecular "Animal Force" (Andc Remix) [Einz Records] 07. Dubfire & Flug "Rubber" [DC LTD] Future Focus - Trau-ma Records 08. Daitack "Protocol" [Trau-ma] 09. Goldzik
  7. Latest episode of TRR Techno Recommends Radio with Max Kane May 28 2021 Tracklist 01. A. Paul, DJ Dextro "Shadow Self" [TechnoZone Rec] 02. Bleur & MB1 ft 256 Colours "Vertical Lines" [Korpus 9] 03. Yan Cook "Linear" [Planet Rhythm] 04. Axel Karakasis "Slumber of Remains" [Unknown Territory] 05. Ian Axide "Ave" [Children of Tomorrow] 06. Allan Feytor "Oblivion" [Black Codes Experiments] 07. Lex Gorrie "Simple Measures" [Gynoid Audio] 08. DJ Dextro "Gama" (Dub Mix) [Onh.
  8. 2nd Episode of TRR featuring 2 hours of firing new raw techno: Techno Recommends Radio with Max Kane May 14 2021 Tracklist 01. Lex Gorrie "Focus of Attention" (Robert Johnstone Remix) [Gynoid Audio] 02. S-File "Allright Mate" [GND Records] 03. DJ Dextro "Delta" [Onh.Cet Records] 04. Unicel "Cells" [Naked Lunch] 05. Bleur & MB1 ft 256Colours "Vertical Lanes" [Korpus 9] 06. Axel Karakasis "Shard" [Unknown Territory] 07. George Libe "Density" [Remain Records] Future Focus
  9. Our 2nd edition of Techno Recommends Radio broadcasts later today (15:00 UK) via Hope that some of you can tune in!
  10. A huge thank you to anyone that managed to tune in live to our debut show. The full show is available to listen again below: Techno Recommends Radio with Max Kane April 30 2021 Tracklist 01. Pfirter & NØRBAK "Life Happens Twice" [MindTrip] 02. Ian Axide "Reset" [Sleaze Reocrds] 03. Transient X4 "The Rox" [Alleanza] 04. Hans Bouffmyhre "Gentle Destruction" [Sleaze Records] 05. Ian Axide "Theory" [Children of Tomorrow] 06. Allan Feytor "Oblivion" [Black Codes Experim
  11. We are launching a brand new Radio venture later today, exclusively via https://Techno.FM as Techno Recommends Radio takes to the air! Having been podcasting for over 6 years we were looking to do something a little different and the Techno.FM link-up made so much sense. We're all super excited to launch a "proper" radio show. The show will be broadcast every other Friday, 15:00 - 17:00 (UK) via https://Techno.FM needless to say I will be sharing a listen again option via Soundcloud in this thread. Really hope that some of you can tune in live. https://Techn
  12. Episode 282 - 2 new studio mixes. Packing it 21 tracks to the 60mins, raw, hard, hypnotic techno Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. Arnaud Le Texier "Shades" [Warg Records] 02. Deano "Heavyweight" [Symbolism] 03. Oliver Rosemann, Pfirter "Beta 02" [Stockholm Ltd] 04. Lex Gorrie "Return To Solitary" (Axel Karakasis Remix) [Unknown Territory] 05. RE_MAART "Intense" [Einz Records] 06. Ian Axide "Vision of You" [Emphatic Records] 07. Drop-E "Desidia" (Allan Feytor Remix) [Chromium Music] 08. Hans Bouffmyhre "Gentle Destruction" [Sleaze Records]
  13. Episode 281 - 1 hour of straight up, 140bpm, raw techno Tracklist 01. Vinicius Honorio, Orion "Mindfulness" [Liberta] 02. A. Paul "Avalon" (Re-Dub) [Onh.Cet] 03. Oliver Rosemann, Pfirter "Beta 02" [Stockholm Ltd] 04. Hans Bouffmyhre "Gentle Destruction" [Sleaze Records] 05. Rave Syndicate "Disobey" [Combine Audio] 06. Stephen Disario, Marcal "Eleven" [Planet Rhythm] 07. RE_MAART "Modifier" [Dynamic Form] 08. A. Paul "Matracas" [Onh.Cet] 09. DJ Dextro "A Matter of Perspective" [Naked Lunch] 10. Monoplex "Distressed" [Remain Records] 11. Ben Sims
  14. Episode 280 - straight up 1 hour set, recorded from the latest TR Livestream. Hard & fast, raw & hypnotic Tracklist 01. Axel Karakasis "Liquid City" (Intro) [Remain Records] 02. Grindvik & Pfirter "Life" [MindTrip] 03. Blanka "This Takes Time" [Animal Farm Records] 04. Hans Bouffmyhre "No Substitute" (Pfirter Remix) [Sleaze Records] 05. Kaiser "Reckless Men" [KSR] 06. Axel Karakasis "Transparent Thoughts" [Remain Records] 07. Veneris B "Exploding Believer" [Remain Records] 08. Blanka "Reality's Escape" (Yant Remix) [Animal Farm Records] 09. He
  15. Episode 279 - 2 new mixes, raw & hypnotic techno Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. Dykkon "Track 01" 02. Axel Karakasis "Ataxia" [Alleanza] 03. Arnaud Le Texier "Shades" [Warg Records] 04. George Libe "Goblins" [Remain Records] 05. Axel Karakasis "Open Up" [Remain Records] 06. A. Paul, DJ Dextro "Tracing" (Dub Mix) [Onh.Cet] 07. Luca La Rocca "Open Arms" [Planet Rhythm] 08. Lex Gorrie "Changing of the Guard" [Remain Records] Part 2 - In The Mix 09. The Plant Worker, DIAPO "Intro" [Suara] 10. Hans Bouffmyhre "No Subst