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  1. Episode 269 - back in the studio for 2 new mixes Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. William Arist "No Place" [UNCAGE] 02. Vinicius Honorio "Pandora's Box" [Fiedeltwo] 03. Javi Lago "Lower Mantle" [Unterwelt] 04. Marcal "Zero Point" (Andre Salata Remix) [Liberta Records] 05. Vinicius Honorio ft Tali "Righteous" [Planet Rhythm] 06. William Arist "Next Hype" [UNCAGE] 07. Matt Ess "Acid Dreams" (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix) [The AudioBloc] 08. Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy "Descendents" [Dynamic Reflection] Part 2 - In The Mix 09. Empath & O
  2. Episode 268 - 90mins live recording from a 6th birthday livestream that we ran on Saturday Tracklist 01. William Arist "Crudo y Salvaje" [UNCAGE] 02. Vinicius Honorio "Clairvoyance" [Planet Rhythm] 03. KUSP ft Theo Nasa "Gettin' Deep" [Korpus 9] 04. Uncertain "Crime" [Kneaded Pains] 05. Dubesque "Isch Bin Jetzt" [EI8HT] 06. Kai Van Dongen "We Don't Slap" [Truncate] 07. Vinicius Honorio & Orion "The Hour Glass" [Planet Rhythm] 08. Hans Bouffmyhre, Lex Gorrie "Systems Failing" (A. Paul Remix) [Sleaze Records] 09. Vinicius Honorio "Brainwash" [Fiedeltwo]
  3. Episode 267 - celebrating 6 years of the show! Tracklist Year One 01. Christian Smith "Who You Are" (Dosem Remix) [Tronic] {TR007} 02. Alan Fitzpatrick "Truant" [Cocoon Recordings] {TR001} Year Two 03. DJ Boris "Language" (Carlo Lio Remix) [Transmit Recordings] {TR054} 04. Pig & Dan "The Licker" [Drumcode] {TR066} Year Three 05. Kaiserdisco "Black Mamba" [100% Pure] {TR068} 06. Spektre "R U Listening?" [ELEVATE] {TR127} Year Four 07. Ryan McKay "Deception" (Drum Tool) [BEK Audio] {TR161} 08. Arjun Vagale "Age of Lust" [Suara] {TR136} Year Five 0
  4. Episode 266 - 2 new studio mixes Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. Marck D "Isolated" [The Audiobloc - Forthcoming] 02. The Yellowheads "The Known Universe" [Kraftek] 03. Modea "Body Language" [We Are The Brave] 04. Layton Giordani, Bart Skils "Midnight Magic" [Drumcode] 05. Nicolas Taboada "Atenea" [Respekt Recordings] 06. Rudosa "Adapted" [Terminal M] Part 2 - In The Mix 07. William Arist "Strategy" [Perseverencia Records] 08. Roberto Capuano, Luigi Madonna "Mad World" [Drumcode] 09. Klauida Gawlas "Abundance" [KD RAW] 10. Deep Dime
  5. Episode 265 - 2 new studio mixes Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. Sian "Storm" (Brennen Grey Remix) [Octopus Records] 02. Tiger Stripes "Resistance" [Kneaded Pains] 03. Dok & Martin "Elevation" [ELEVATE] 04. M Fukuda "Cube Sugar" [Octopus Records] 05. Oscar L "Agrio" [We Are The Brave] 06. The Yellowheads "Fluff Cloud" [Kraftek] 07. William Arist "Strategy" [Perseverencia Records] Part 2 - In The Mix 08. Shaun Moses "Initiate Sequence" [Tronic] 09. Superstrobe, Dominik Vaillant "Dirty" [KD RAW] 10. Layton Giordani, Cevin F
  6. Episode 262 - 2 new studio mixes Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. Rebuke "Instatik" [Drumcode] 02. Kaiserdisco "Paranoid" (Kaiserdisco Remix) [KD RAW] 03. Booka Shade "Plexus 3AM" (Nicole Moudaber Remix) [Blaufield Music] 04. Drunken Kong "Peace" [Tronic] 05. Patrik Berg "Like Forever" (Monika Kruse Remix) [Terminal M] 06. The Japanese Popstars ft Green Velvet "A Matter Of Time" (OC & Verde Remix) [Bedrock Records] Part 2 - In The Mix 07. Rebuke "Livewire" [Drumcode] 08. Ronnie Spiteri "Royal Flush" [We Are The Brave]
  7. Episode 260 - Studio mixes Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. Maxie Devine "Domus" [Le Club Records] 02. A.S.H. "Barium" [Respekt Recordings] 03. KUSP "Devoid" [Octopus Warehouse Series] #ThrowbackTrack (Episode 136 - 2017) 04. Weska, Kevin De Vries "Shape" [Odd Recordings] 05. A.S.H. "Thorium" [Respekt Recordings] 06. Alessandro Grops "Urany" [Miles From Mars - forthcoming] 07. Lex Gorrie, Ross Hillier "Wolves At The Door" [Suara] Part 2 - In The Mix 08. Vinicius Honorio "Bubblegum Haze" [Planet Rhythm] 09.
  8. Episode 258 - studio vibes Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. Celic "Be Positive" [Complexed Records - forthcoming] 02. Tom Laws "Nothing To Hide" [Respekt Recordings] 03. Beico "No Human Sky" [Terminal M] 04. Pig & Dan "Acronym" [ELEVATE] #ThrowbackTrack (Episode 074 - 2016) 05. Nicole Moudaber ft Skin "Organic Love" (Scuba Remix) [MOOD] 06. Dysart "Mint" [Kneaded Pains] 07. Hans Bouffmyhre "Years Gone By" [Sleaze Records] Part 2 - In The Mix 08. RanchaTek "Lost Souls" [Miles From Mars - forthcoming] 09. Wisna "Strong
  9. Episode 257 - more melody & groove this week Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. Durtysoxxx, Devid Dega "Introll" [Misfit Music] 02. A.S.H. "Xenon" [We Are The Brave] 03. Adam Beyer "Park People" [Drumcode] 04. Bart Skils "Settle In The Sun" [Drumcode] 05. Pig & Dan "Acronym" [ELEVATE] 06. Dysart "Mint" [Kneaded Pains] Part 2 - In The Mix 07. Steam Shape "Dusk" [Codex Recordings] 08. Allan Feytor "Radar" [KD RAW] #ThrowbackTrack - 2017 09. Spektre "Full Tilt" [Odd Recordings] 10. Wisna "Strong
  10. Episode 255 - 60mins, no voicers, hard techno weaponry throughout! Tracklist 01. Fractions "Do You Believe" [Monnom Black] 02. Buried Secrets "Frame of Mind" [Green Fetish Records] 03. Remco Beekwilder "This Is Religion" [EMERALD] 04. Fractions "All The Streets Are Silent" [Monnom Black] 05. MODRAC "Alarming Situation" [Otomo Trax] 06. GUS & JORG "Untamed" [Otomo Trax] 07. Kaylah "Devil In A Red Dress" (JoeFarr Remix) [Marked] 08. Hioll "False Doctrine" [Unreleased] 09. Hadone "Voiceless" [Taapion] 10. "Hash Boys" [Opium Trax] 11. MODRAC "W
  11. Episode 254 - 60mins, full on, hard as nails techno Tracklist 01. Tham "Raw Reverbation" [R-Label Group] 02. EAS "The Beast" [Clergy] 03. Remco Beekwilder "This Is Religion" [EMERALD] 04. Kozlov "Deeper" [Arts] 05. Noneoftheabove "Give It To Ya" (Tool Mix) [Green Fetish Records] 06. Jan Vercauteren "Roll N Rock" (Tham Remix) [The Meaning of Rave] 07. EAS "You Tell Him I'm Coming" [Clergy] 08. Remco Beekwilder "Aktifist" [EMERALD] 09. Buried Secrets "Frame of Mind" [Green Fetish Records] 10. Kaylah "Salvage" [Prodigal Son] 11. Balrog "Camouflage
  12. Episode 252 - 2 new studio mixes, part 2 is especially banging! Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. "Hope Is Stronger Than Fear" [Elementra Records] 02. "Cyber Rave" [Elementra Records] 03. SRVD "Black On Black" (Rudosa Never Rocks White Remix) [Unreleased] 04. Hadone "How To Fake Success" (Rudosa Remix) [Unreleased] 05. Militiā "Reverie In Sedona" [SXCALA] 06. Orion "Stoic" [Elektrax Recordings] 07. Vinicius Honorio, Orion "Love Lost" [Gynoid Audio] Part 2 - In The Mix 08. JoeFarr "Tempered" (Buried Secrets Rem
  13. Episode 251 - strap yourself in - 140+ from the start, hardest mix I think I have ever recorded Tracklist 01. Militiā "Deviant" [SXCALA] 02. VØIDIST "Spirit" [Soma Records] 03. Lars Huismann "Centaur" [Soma Records] 04. Balrog "Dreadnaught" (Tassid Remix) [Taro Records] 05. Inglawt "Camino De La Luna" [Green Fetish Records] 06. Darzack "Fucking Masked Depression" [Take Hit Records] 07. Hioll "3AM" [Unreleased] 08. VII Circle "Relentless Flight" [HEX Recordings] 09. Kozlov "Control Freak" [Arts] 10. Militiā "Reverie In Sedona" [SXCALA] 11. Manni
  14. Episode 249 - 60mins of stripped back, hard techno wonderment (well, hopefully) Tracklist 01. Doug Cooney "Cordwainer" [GND Records] 02. Callum Plant "Hyacinth" [Unknown Territory] 03. Axel Karakasis "Modest Fear" [Remain Records] 04. George Libe "Rixter" [Alleanza] 05. Toni Dextor "Demand" [Made of CONCRETE] 06. Allan Feytor "Magnetisches Feld" [Prescribed Trax] 07. Hans Bouffmyhre "Life of Solitary" [Sleaze Records] 08. Lex Gorrie "Light At The End of The Tunnel" [Sleaze Records] 09. The Unborn Child "It's Alive" [Otomo Trax] 10. Manni Dee "Expl
  15. Episode 248 - 2 new studio mixes from yours truly. Pretty hard & raw throughout Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. Boglin "System Shock" [Syntax Error] 02. Jerome Isma-ae "Hold That Sucker Down" (Charlotte de Witte Rave Remix) [Armada] 03. George Libe "Rixter" [Alleanza] 04. Hans Bouffmyhre "Life of Solitary" [Sleaze Records] 05. Orion "Bowl of Trouble" [Elektrax Recordings] 06. Allan Feytor "Fading" [Liberta Records] 07. Coyu "Digital Capitalism" [Suara] 08. Pfirter & Grindvik "Mind Gone" [Leyla Records] 09. Orion "Stoic"