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  1. Hi everyone, l'll start by saying sadly I cannot ID this track BUT what an amazing track it is. I too am a Julsey fan (very much so back in the day) and have listened to all the live broadcasts over and over through the years. Today I plucked out the Lush @ Kelly's set and when I got to the end remembered all the mystery behind this ID. I dont personally think it is a Jules track as it seems to differ from the tracks he was producing at that time (that said he probably did an awful lot of stuff we don't know about). Don't get me wrong I was the biggest Jules fan back then (arnt
  2. Hey there, not sure if anyone maintains this anymore. I've not been on for a long time just back visiting for some nostalgia - was my bible 15 years ago!! . Little update for this mix. 09. Patrick F - Screamer (Original Mix ) [Rosenberg] not Petfect Phase
  3. What an amazing site. Good work. This set for me was THE BEST Judge Jules live Friday night shows although theybarevall class. I think I still have about 10 of them on cassette somewhere. Like many of you I too am still on a 13 year hunt for the uplifting trance Jim Morrison sampling track (No 21). I'm convinced its a white label and I'm sure there are lots of copies sitting in cardboard boxes at the back of many record shops around the country, it's just a case of getting my hands on one. One minor update on the tracklisting, track 08 I don't think is by Caater, they do a version but the o