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  1. You can use personal preferences on itunes - that makes the 256 aac file to eighter 320 kbps or WAV - they have and encoder in the player there, then you Don't get vbr rates.. agree with you on that a 256 file on itunes is better then a 320 file from others, that is coz they are using a different encoder, more like minidisc used in the 90's - if i buy a 256 file in itunes, after that i go in the library and right click on the file, then it encodes the file to wav ( that i have set in my personal preferences in the itunes-player already.Then i copy my new encoded file, and paste it on my Computer
  2. Wrong Title ? - Is Named As Tom Coogan - Give The Luv - 99 To Love Mix - Tom Coogan is and Alias of Mirko van Dommelen. This song is on this cd, please help find this -
  3. Progressive Tribal house please Help id this.
  4. Song @ 7 min is - Truth Or Dare - Hear The Groove
  5. hi, can someone help id the tracks from 6min to 12 min.
  6. Thank you, i don't know the track, but i have posted it on facebook id track
  7. wow, never knew this version, from a us remix label, pretty cool From this CD -
  8. hi, does anyone know the first track played here ?
  9. hi, does anyone know the second track danny plays here ? around 7 min...