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  1. Minidisc

    damn i miss those days 1997 when i bought minidisc, a friend of mine had so much music from vinyl and importet cd's what a time it was.New music 2-3 times every 2 months that where awesome(still have some) and the sound from minidisc where good quality too.Today i think there is just so much music ,and the sound from mid 90's-2000's are still awesome ,but gone from most of the dj's today! Sad to hear tiesto play today,he was 5 min from where i live last weekend,i had a listen what crappy music
  2. tnx for this , big fan of Bonzai early on ! Happy New Year
  3. Too bad,alot of Yoji where re-released,i really liked the trance mix<<<but liked the dynamic mix too Any luck on track 4 ? What A BOMB TRACK
  4. Please help id this<<<Amazing Track
  5. id221: Track 12, 1999-08-27 - BBC Radio 1 Dance Party

    has anyone checked if this is a Paul King track?
  6. has anyone checked if this is a Paul King track? Song 12..... sounds like his style
  7. Dam can anyone help with the track BEFORE DJ Arabesque - The Vision (Vision 1 mix) ?? JUST AMAZING 04...15m in.. tracklist so far: Sonique - DJ Set & Live performer @ Hyperstate - Oslo, Norway [23.09.2000] 01. Charlie Brown - Good Thing (Spoiled & Zigo Club Mix) 02. Blank & Jones - The Nightfly (Rapid Eye R. E. Mix) 03. ID 04. ID 05. Mario Piu' aka DJ Arabesque - (Vision 1 Mix) 06. Kristine Blond - Love Shy (Electric Boutique Vocal Mix) 07. ID 08. ID 09. Sonique - It Feels So Good (En-Motion Remix) 10. OT Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down (Remix) 11. Yoji Biomehanika - Seduction (Trance Mix) 12. Sonique - Move Closer (Live Mix) 13. Sonique - Sky 14. Sonique - Feel So Good SONG 4: BTW : Yoji Biomehanika - Seduction (Trance Mix) Is been re-released on beatport on december 29 !
  8. i have this on cd<< duration 4.33.... i see there is a version with 5.41 on there anyone who has a vinyl of this? would like too know the duration on that
  9. 01. E-Craig - Dutch Drum Attack - E Craig Mix 02. Lemon 8 - Bells Of Revolution [Kumara Mix] 03. 2000 BC - Everybody - knuckleheadz Mix 04. Out Of Grace - Come With Me 05. Cygnus X - Superstring [Rank 1 Remix] 06. Jaccot - Mu-v Express 07. Nylon - If You Love Me- nylon mix 08. Caater - King Size 09. Darude - Sandstorm (ariel's mix) 10. Cyber Human - The Scene 11. Quo Vadis - Sonic Boom 12. Steve Castro - Hammertime - extended DubMix 13. Justin K & DJ K-Mixx - Got To Have 14. Trinity - Into The Blue 15. Spoiled & Zigo - More & More [Vocal Mix] 16.Sonique takes over with - charlie brown - good thing - DJ Spoiled & Zigo Remix)

    so after normalise it too - 0db ,how much can i drag the waveform? dragging the waveform is better so u dont mess it up ,insted of increasing with clipping i dont increase the volume with yousing effect then amplify buttons....i learnt that u just get the song in and press the second icon next to the one that is blue, then u> ctrl +a ...then the waveform gets marked,and you drag the waveform up and down,question is how much....have seen so many different on how much,,,think i will just go with my hearing and comparing...have done a few,seems fine too me when comparing,just don't increase too much
  11. first song>Tanera_-_Magic_Underwear-original
  12. Judge Jules Live Clubland 2015

    finally >< Free Masons ft Amanda Wilson vs Nico Otten-Watchin Perspicere(2015 MASHED EDIT) free on soundcloud! amazing mashup< as played by Jules
  13. Latest Retromix

    Great mix,alot of goodies here

    So have a few tunes from beatport-juno-cd singel, and they where so low had to turn up the volume alot.Now i have increased some songs in audacity and wow what a difference.What i need help with is CLIPPING<< i can't up the Volume withouth clipping, and some say you are not supposed to go with CLIPPING(a little confused) the only way to up the volume is to allow CLIPPING for increasing the volume if anyone feel's like helping PM me EDIT: Ok so u can drag the waveform without clipping, just need how much can u drag? you cant drag it so the waves hit the wall (up and down wallls),and there are some small thinner waves that,when u drag those will connect.Have tested with new songs WAV from beatport,and some of those are touching ! a little confused,talked to a friend , and he told me to be very careful with this kind of increasing....