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  1. Latest Retromix

    Great mix,alot of goodies here

    So have a few tunes from beatport-juno-cd singel, and they where so low had to turn up the volume alot.Now i have increased some songs in audacity and wow what a difference.What i need help with is CLIPPING<< i can't up the Volume withouth clipping, and some say you are not supposed to go with CLIPPING(a little confused) the only way to up the volume is to allow CLIPPING for increasing the volume if anyone feel's like helping PM me EDIT: Ok so u can drag the waveform without clipping, just need how much can u drag? you cant drag it so the waves hit the wall (up and down wallls),and there are some small thinner waves that,when u drag those will connect.Have tested with new songs WAV from beatport,and some of those are touching ! a little confused,talked to a friend , and he told me to be very careful with this kind of increasing....
  3. Check your music if it really is 320kbps or Lossless ! Download free here >
  4. Judge Jules Live Clubland 2015

    nobody here know this great version? when i shazammed it<< i got freemasons - Watchin (pjanno mix)<< its not that version!
  5. second track<Asio_-_Sini !
  6. Asio_-_Sini <<<bomb track
  7. i found the first track<<<<<f'u*k what a track <<<<<<OC Verde - gitarra - original mix
  8. Minidisc

    hi tnx for replying,i have the latter(pioneer minidisc player-since 1997) i just bought adapter from phono plug's too>< female resep and with the end str8 too the soundcard,recorded it today,worked perfect.The songs are from vinyl-ripp.128-192-cd's-128-192,so some variations where on the mix itselfs,mainly the songs are from 1998-99- but happy
  9. Minidisc

    used and adapter from phono plugs man/female double and str8 to the soundcard
  10. Minidisc

    i figured it out,i have > magix music cleaning lab < recorded it through there
  11. Minidisc

    so i have 5 dj-mix from 1999-2007, how can i make it digital?
  13. please help id these here is the whole set with unknown 1 played @ 45.31 the only track unknown in the tracklist
  14. Judge Jules Live Clubland 2015

    anyone know this version jules played here? here is a better-higher volume starts @17.40
  15. 1998-11-06 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    isn't 24> clear view - 'Cry For Love' (DJ Philip Remix ?