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  1. anyone have this version? talked to seb long time ago,he told me it was on discogs..never found it
  2. just saw the duration on "notre dame"was the same as my cd,on my vinyl it's 6.25...maybe edited
  3. i think so,but most my songs are from beatport..
  4. i have used "kingdia cd extractor since 2007" it is great for mp3 wav--flac to wav...but not for aiff...only upgrade beatport do is from mp3 too aiff...i only going to upgrade som songs from beatport...VLC was pretty easy to make flac ,and then i use kingdia from flac too is there anything i should know from vlc? was easy to make flac from aiff....nothing i need to do other then make it flac? stereo,bit, Mpeg1,mpegsound?JUST FLAC?--there where some options...thanks for reply btw..
  5. i have this cd mixed<<is this unmixed?
  6. i have some aiff files,i used and online converter .is that ok? my cd extractor doesent take aiff files.i also used vlc player to convert to flac,is it really that simple in vlc,that you don't need to monitor bitrate,channels or mpeg1 and so on? this is the online site i used(it's only for aiff files...
  7. damn i miss those days 1997 when i bought minidisc, a friend of mine had so much music from vinyl and importet cd's what a time it was.New music 2-3 times every 2 months that where awesome(still have some) and the sound from minidisc where good quality too.Today i think there is just so much music ,and the sound from mid 90's-2000's are still awesome ,but gone from most of the dj's today! Sad to hear tiesto play today,he was 5 min from where i live last weekend,i had a listen what crappy music
  8. tnx for this , big fan of Bonzai early on ! Happy New Year
  9. Too bad,alot of Yoji where re-released,i really liked the trance mix<<<but liked the dynamic mix too Any luck on track 4 ? What A BOMB TRACK
  10. Please help id this<<<Amazing Track