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  1. André Vicenzzo, Carlos Domínguez & Ethian Guerrero presents: “Love with demons
  2. Soundlift - ibiza - Live Guitar Mix
  3. was played in the summer, don't know if this is old or new..
  4. The Age Of Love - Age Of Love - Unknown Remix - Played 2009 Sounds similar to the Stella remix,but not quite the same..
  6. hi, anyone know the tracks @ 32min and 40 min ?
  7. Matt Darey Presents DSP - 'From Russia With Love'(Solar Stone's Red City Remix) What a beauty of a track
  8. i have the vinyl and a new i mean clean as of no noise after ripping it...i use's not all bad, the vinyl is mint...Last 5 year i have been collecting all my music in WAV, from online too CD's....All digital and clean-....i just find it strange that this Original was not on the CD-singel or a Collection with the full version...only radio edit's
  9. The Hi-Gate remix is also great... :)
  10. Yeah i have checked that cd, if you click on the pictures it says instrumental, my guess it's the hi-gate mix..same duration too
  11. hi, i have this vinyl but is there no full digital version of this ? i also have the cd singel with hi-gate mix, but like the original better
  12. hi, has anyone heard this ? Yomanda ft Jeanie Tracy - Party Jumping (Original Mix) saw it on 2 cd's from 2006...
  13. nr 15 is a friggin Monster tune...hope someone can solve this
  14. My point was, you encode it yourself after...i use kingdia extractor on every files....wav has no vbr.. And my files from itunes don't show vbr, maybe it has to do with how you configure it in itunes ? i use personel prefrenecess there, and my 256 file in winamp has no vbr..but i convert from AAC file to WAV in itunes...
  15. itunes is aac....almost lossless....very good quality....when you convert yourself, do you have vbr on the converter ? mine is off