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  1. Ashamed to say I'm not attending (horrendous when you consider the venue is 5 mins from where I live :pinkman: ). My mate was bouncing off the ceiling about going until he realised what date it fell on.. I had already bought tickets to Warehouse Project in Manc to see 'Dice, Jones & Maya with around 10 of my mates so its a no go for me. Tim - sorry for not replying, was one of those, i'll reply later and totally forgot :rubbish: sorry buddy. Will be an emotional night for sure for Jules i'd imagine. Not sure what the venues like as i've not been to it yet. Imagine if 'Crasher was still standing, now that would have been Like It's 1999 :oddcake:
  2. This event required me to make a re-appearence here.. been a while since i've spoke to you :pinkman: lot. A bit of a sad day really... end of an era! Probably my biggest dance music inspiration Julesy was, and as much as he has been in decline for the last 5 years the first 10 were history in the making. I'm a little disappointed not to see R1 making a bit more of a show, instead they seem to have ushered him into the darkness :rubbish: Would have thought his whole show would have been dedicated to his R1 career.. will be good to see the tracklist and listen back for some amazing memories. Jules, as always I salute you for your tireless work for the industry, much respect sir :thumbsup: Bjorn.
  3. haha, my mate Taj who runs the night - he's good mates with Swap don't u worry! lol!
  4. Bjorn

    My New Job

    one of my mates works in toys r us, he rang me up shouting the theme tune at the me the other night!
  5. Bjorn

    Happy Birthday

    happy belated birthday steve...
  6. get ure arses to our event!! AMPLIFIED RETURNS FRIDAY 12TH DECEMBER!!! After a hugely successful November we return with an event that features one of the most popular UK trance DJs ever... Matt Hardwick Matt Hardwick is the epitome of an international DJ. He lives and breathes electronic music. Since his inception into club culture Matt Hardwick has completely immersed himself in it. His rapid ascendany into dance music with the global phenomenon that is Gatecrasher is something which has been well documented. The association with Gatecrasher, the first of many landmark achievements in his career, took Matt's name from the dusty streets of Sheffield to the bright lights akin with international stardom, along the way seeing him play some of the greatest events the world of clubbing has to offer. Whether it was playing at the sell-out Don Valley stadium gig in front of 28,000 people on New Years Eve 2000 or playing to 15,000 people at the amazing Gatecrasher NEC events - Matt was the heartbeat of the lion that roared throughout the trance boom of the late 90's. However, Matt's growing reputation really came to the fore only as recently as the beginning of 2002 with the completion of his first Radio 1 Essential Mix. The mix struck a chord with clubbers and promoters the world over. The resounding success of his debut Essential mix led to Radio 1 requesting a follow up in October 2005. This mix was so popular it was quickly shortlisted for the `Essential mix of the year`, only to be pipped to the post by Sasha. In the ten years that he maintained weekly residency with the globally renowned Gatecrasher, Matt packed and delighting dance floors from Sydney to Los Angeles to Moscow and Johannesburg. In late 2004 Matt's position as Gatecrasher resident ceased, as he felt that the resident tag was inhibiting his development as a DJ in his own right. Entirely amicable his departure raised many an eyebrow but went on to surpass even the most cynical of these critics as Matt's career blossomed. A testament to his ability is that, whilst travelling the globe over, Matt is still booked regularly to perform for the club, as he is for Godskitchen, Ministry of Sound, Slinky, Passion and The Gallery. Whilst retaining a strong diary of club dates, Matt has also been a prominent feature at many of the world's most prolific festivals including 50,000 people at Castle Dance in St Petersburg, Godskitchen Global Gathering, Creamfields, Homelands, Escape in the Park, South West 4, Laserpoint Festival in Finland and Gatecrasher Summer Sound System. Whilst enjoying successful tours throughout Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. All this aside, it is perhaps Matt`s production profile which has brought his name to the fore of recent years. From his first two singles with the popular duo Smith & Pledger, entitled Day One and Connected, through to his club anthem `Slave to the Machine` with fellow DJ John Askew, Matt's music has received extended support from the likes of Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Judge Jules and found its way on to over 50 compilations worldwide. To follow up on the success of their joint single, Matt and John launched a double CD compilation called `Live as` for `Discover World` in 2006. Mixed club live and box fresh the `Live As` series gives a raw appeal that most commercial album somewhat lack, providing a real experience of the dj in his truest form. However, it was 2007 when Matt Hardwick really came of age when after kicking off the year with his remix of `Gulf - Impossible` was selected by Motorola, along with mixes by Mauro Picotto and Marco V, to launch the new David Beckham Razr phone, before being invited by his old family in Sheffield to record an underground mix on the retrospective album, "Gatecrasher Immortal", following the fire at the superclub. The album received critical acclaim and went on to sell an unprecedented 100,000 copies and shortly after saw Matt being voted number 48 in the world in the 2007 DJ Mag Top 100 Poll (up 16 places from 2006). Genix (Passion) The UK based Genix has built up a reputation as one of the freshest dance artists with his cutting edge production and DJ sets... Now a familiar name on the biggest linups around being on the same bill as the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Sander Van Doorn, Judge Jules to name a few Genix has shot to fame after years of DJing across the UK and releasing some quality productions on the biggest dance labels around. in 2005 Genix put his name in lights by achieving a Guiness World Record for the longest DJ set in history with a massive 84 hour DJ set!! Whilst raising money for charity his name got printed in the worlds most published book! His DJ career has taken him across the globe... playing at some of the most elite clubs around. With numerous sets across the uk and in China, Russia, Europe and Ibiza's Judgement Sunday's. He is resident DJ for UK superclub Passion where the worlds most famous DJ's such as Armin, tiesto, PVD etc appear on a monthly basis alongside Genix and fellow resident JFK. On the production side of things... Genix has develoved his own sound. A fusion of Tech, Trance, Proggressive and electro sounds... its hard to define the Genix sound but you know when you hear it! Groovy and infectious basslines and stomping beats combine with uplifting and electronic elements... His productions are showcased by the elite DJ's and on major radio stations such as Galaxy and the BBC, ASOT, TATW and Tiesto's Clublife. Genix has put his remix fingers to work on some huge tracks... Remixing for Markus Schulz (Fly To Colors), M.I.K.E., Agnelli and Nelson, Jan Johnston. He also remixed the massive 'Waiting 4' by the Red Hot Chilli Pepper's. This got released on ministry of sound and was a huge hit on BBC radio 1 before the original got released into the uk charts! Genix released his debut track on Reset Records titled Phused which was followed up with more huge tech releases on the dutch super label. Genix now releases his work on spinnin but has remixed for other labels such as Nebula, Armada, Maelstrom, Ministry Of Soundplus many many more. 2008 also was the year when he was Judge Jules Big Tip! After production support from the uk legend he made him his top tip and featured him on BBC radio 1 with a guest mix and a interview. Genix is a huge talent with his DJ and production skills...but he also has his feet deep in the music indutry in other ways... he is the owner of UK trance record label TRR (Trance Revolution Recordings) and also is the promoter for Passion in the UK delivering huge clubnights the the faithfull followers! Rav Takhar (Digital Society) DJ Rav Takhar burst onto the scene in the summer of 2007 and joined up quickly with the runaway success story that is Digital Society Leeds as Resident DJ and Promoter. With a reputation of delivering the freshest finest driving Trance around and having a presence behind the decks of the highest calibre, Rav has become a real crowd favourite in the peak time stakes. After already having gigs alongside some of the biggest names in todays scene, such as Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Rank1, Kyau & Albert, Menno de Jong, Matt Hardwick, Solarstone, Guiseppe Ottaviani, John O'Callaghan, Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas, Greg Downey and John Askew, Rav is emerging as a very talented DJ with a very bright future. S.W.A.P Little indian dude =============================== Full Line-Up: Matt Hardwick Genix (Passion) Rav Takhar (Digital Society) S.W.A.P =============================== 10.30pm - 04.00am* The Royal, Victoria Street, Derby, De1 1eq Advance Tickets £8 + bf - MOTD ===============================
  7. Bjorn

    Driving Tests

    Well do simonde, can anyone beat pass 1st time with 1 minor?? Quadders, that avatars just made me spunk!! What a cd!
  8. First of all may i just comment on how offended i am that ive been voted camp!! saying that i've just got a lovely old mans flat cap which is rather spiffing!!! Thought i better show my face round these parts again....been so busy with the house that trance has been o nthe back burner a bit recently...cue slating! Anyway, my votes... Most knowledgable member: jason b Most informative member: tommy b Member most likely to put some valid points across in a discussion/debate: Tim Funniest member: Quadrant Most bizarre member: easily Quadrant - im basing this on guessing what his first comments to me are... Most "random" member: Jassy B The most laid back member: Simcut The far too serious member: Dormouse The member that is most likely to be a secret millionaire: Tom B The member most likely to be arrested for stalking: Quadrant defo! The member most likely to have escaped illegally from a foreign country: Quadrant The member most likely to be the next Richard Branson: Tim The member most likely to be the next Del Boy: The most sporting member: gotta be me really aint it! The most entertaining member: The most musically-gifted member (either talentwise or knowledgewise) Draw - Tom + Jason The most camp member: Pinkflipflop99 Board member you would most like to meet: Quadrant Best thread: can't say as ive not been about... Worst thread: same.. Favourite night/promotion: Underground Ibiza Favourite night out of 2008: Cocoon Ibiza Favourite festival: Global Gathering Favourite International DJ: Luciano Favourite British DJ: James Zabiela Favourite forum DJ: Prob Tom Bailey Favourite clubbing website: Favourite mix album: Luciano Fabric 41 Favourite artist album: Extrawelt - Neue Schoene Favourite producer: Locodice Favourite trackof 2008: Push - Universal Nation (James Harcourt Remix) Favourite vocalist: -
  9. Now then Uber - good to see your still well into your high contrast
  10. i've got a lovely red number on today actually Quadders! Yeah, it is a very promising night, as there is no real competition i nthe area so hopefully we are going to pull in the numbers, would definately love to see a few of you lot down!
  11. Hey up ppl, ive been away from these parts far too long, i am going to get back on here & catch up with everyone!! Hope everyone is all good, went to global last weekend, bloddy hell what a weekend - James Zabiela was on another planet - amazing!! Anyway......bit of news for u lot, me & my mate have set up a new trance night in Derby called 'Amplified', we're gonna be doing it monthly with rather large guests! Here's the flyer for the first one!! brrrrappp!!
  12. Yeh Three N One for me too, its just such a timeless classic, i don't think any tune makes you think of Ibiza as much as this one. Powerful, emotional & euphoric music at its best
  13. sorry guys, im here!! Just been really busy of late as per usual - and also running up a large electricty bill by leaving my computer on constantly! Looking at sorting my career out amogst other things which is a positive thing i suppose.. I'll try & get on here more x
  14. can't wait to get this when i get home woop!!!