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  1. Ashamed to say I'm not attending (horrendous when you consider the venue is 5 mins from where I live :pinkman: ). My mate was bouncing off the ceiling about going until he realised what date it fell on.. I had already bought tickets to Warehouse Project in Manc to see 'Dice, Jones & Maya with around 10 of my mates so its a no go for me. Tim - sorry for not replying, was one of those, i'll reply later and totally forgot :rubbish: sorry buddy. Will be an emotional night for sure for Jules i'd imagine. Not sure what the venues like as i've not been to it yet. Imagine if 'Crasher was still
  2. This event required me to make a re-appearence here.. been a while since i've spoke to you :pinkman: lot. A bit of a sad day really... end of an era! Probably my biggest dance music inspiration Julesy was, and as much as he has been in decline for the last 5 years the first 10 were history in the making. I'm a little disappointed not to see R1 making a bit more of a show, instead they seem to have ushered him into the darkness :rubbish: Would have thought his whole show would have been dedicated to his R1 career.. will be good to see the tracklist and listen back for some amazing memories.
  3. haha, my mate Taj who runs the night - he's good mates with Swap don't u worry! lol!
  4. Bjorn

    My New Job

    one of my mates works in toys r us, he rang me up shouting the theme tune at the me the other night!
  5. happy belated birthday steve...
  6. get ure arses to our event!! AMPLIFIED RETURNS FRIDAY 12TH DECEMBER!!! After a hugely successful November we return with an event that features one of the most popular UK trance DJs ever... Matt Hardwick Matt Hardwick is the epitome of an international DJ. He lives and breathes electronic music. Since his inception into club culture Matt Hardwick has completely immersed himself in it. His rapid ascendany into dance music with the global phenomenon that is Gatecrasher is something which has been well documented. The association with Gatecrasher, the first of many landmark achievements in
  7. Well do simonde, can anyone beat pass 1st time with 1 minor?? Quadders, that avatars just made me spunk!! What a cd!
  8. First of all may i just comment on how offended i am that ive been voted camp!! saying that i've just got a lovely old mans flat cap which is rather spiffing!!! Thought i better show my face round these parts again....been so busy with the house that trance has been o nthe back burner a bit recently...cue slating! Anyway, my votes... Most knowledgable member: jason b Most informative member: tommy b Member most likely to put some valid points across in a discussion/debate: Tim Funniest member: Quadrant Most bizarre member: easily Quadrant - im basing this on guessing what his first com
  9. Now then Uber - good to see your still well into your high contrast
  10. i've got a lovely red number on today actually Quadders! Yeah, it is a very promising night, as there is no real competition i nthe area so hopefully we are going to pull in the numbers, would definately love to see a few of you lot down!
  11. Hey up ppl, ive been away from these parts far too long, i am going to get back on here & catch up with everyone!! Hope everyone is all good, went to global last weekend, bloddy hell what a weekend - James Zabiela was on another planet - amazing!! Anyway......bit of news for u lot, me & my mate have set up a new trance night in Derby called 'Amplified', we're gonna be doing it monthly with rather large guests! Here's the flyer for the first one!! brrrrappp!!
  12. Yeh Three N One for me too, its just such a timeless classic, i don't think any tune makes you think of Ibiza as much as this one. Powerful, emotional & euphoric music at its best
  13. sorry guys, im here!! Just been really busy of late as per usual - and also running up a large electricty bill by leaving my computer on constantly! Looking at sorting my career out amogst other things which is a positive thing i suppose.. I'll try & get on here more x
  14. can't wait to get this when i get home woop!!!