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  1. Yes, it is currently pending in our queue of submitted data. You submitted it in April so I'll make sure this gets prioritized. It will be visible for download later this month. Thanks Gregg for submitting this audio. KR
  2. I am lucky enough to be on a 5-year tracker mortgage which has come in very handy recently. More by luck than judgement, though. KR
  3. We would discourage members from posting any email addresses on a public messageboard, since it is widely known automated spambots do scour threads on the web to 'lift' and use any text that looks like an email address to send spam to, meaning you could expose yourself to unneccessary spam emails in the future by posting here or in any other public forum. The bots cannot read images though, which is why on facebook (for example) your email address in your profile is displayed as an image... Just a forewarning! We encourage members instead to use the private messaging system. Many thanks. KR
  4. We will be sorting this very soon kml when these files are permanently transferred to the JJA server. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime - I'll make sure we do this file first KR
  5. KR Tech

    mp3 to ring tone?

    Another way to do this is to create a quick-loading webpage, with the link to the mp3, and then browse to it on your WAP-enabled phone. Then save the file in your tones folder, if you have a Nokia, and select it as your ringtone. KR
  6. You might have mis-copied the final youtube code there so the video doesn't work - can you recheck? KR
  7. Apologies for such lateness in sorting this issue - I have been on family holiday. This is definitely a permissions error affecting all mods and members, but I'm not sure why. I'll get Neuro on the case as I do not have permission to delve so deeply into the admin panel and see what the problem is. Rest assured we'll sort it pronto for everybody within the next 48 hours KR
  8. Unfortunately we do not have sufficient funds at present to support this. However, a lottery win could sway it! KR
  9. Just on that note, we encode the unknown clips sent to us in 96kbps deliberately because it produces a very low quality sound, so it takes up less space but is still adequate for computer speakers. KR
  10. KR Tech


    Submitted via email to us. Another Trance one from 1999. No other info known... Please help ID by replying to this thread. id204.mp3 (995k) Many thanks, KR
  11. Chelsea 2 - 0 winners. KR
  12. KR Tech


    Hello all, Another one just in. This is a 2-minute long sample from 1999. No other info supplied... please ID in the usual fashion by replying to this thread. Many thanks. id203.mp3 - 1.40MB KR
  13. KR Tech


    New submission. Please ID in the usual way by replying to this thread. Many thanks. id202.mp3 (865kb) KR
  14. We apologize for this... Please see our announcement here. KR
  15. KR Tech


    A new email suggests this is either the Original mix or KGB Mix and not Timo Maas Remix. Can somebody confirm? Many thanks, KR