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  1. Trevor has confirmed that Jules played the Judge Jules Mix but its a mashup of that track and another one!
  2. Awesome, thanks for the upload Liz, I believe I may have the rest of this show, I need to check
  3. Hi all Just to let you know I've contacted Trevor and asked him to ID the version that Jules plays on this Sound City 97, as it's not the same as the Judge Jules Mix on the Manifesto release, will let you know once I hear back Cheers
  4. Hi Liz, welcome to the site, very useful to have those magazines! Do you have any copies of Muzik Magazine also? I believe they posted some Jules tracklists as well on there! We are missing quite a few tracklists from 1997-1998 so yeah if you could have a look through the magazines and put ones that have Jules tracklists to one side and we can sort out contacting you so you can take the photos and send them to us (via Whatsapp perhaps) Cheers Simon
  5. Amazing to get ID'd after 22 fucking years, omg! Tracklist updated
  6. I do think it's possibly the track Louk posted. I know someone that has that vinyl so I'll ask him (remind me if you hear nothing, as my memory is terrible)
  7. All the hyperlinks were broken and just pointing to the thread URL, I've now fixed them all
  8. The formatting of the posts are a mess. If stuff is now identified can you edit your first post and change it please?
  9. Would really like to know the track at 32 mins too, great tune
  10. Great that its available digitally again, shame the mastering on the Church Of RA tune is a bit shit
  11. Thanks Burien, we'll get it updated soon
  12. We've both known one another for a long time mate, and you are valued here of course, but the tone in a handful of replies has been pretty wrong to be honest, but that's only a handful of responses out of all the thousands you've made here, please don't take it to heart. My tone here has been bad occasionally, none of us are perfect, not even bloody Liz Hurley is perfect (though not far off, hmm!) Cheers
  13. I would say that his english is better than your german!
  14. it's the same track as Exposure - Dreamscape