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  1. Thanks for the ID 0VinylRichie0 - please can you register on the website so we can credit you properly for the ID?
  2. New audio just approved!
  3. Brand new audio! Thanks very much for the upload Chewbs!
  4. The broken download has now been fixed and this has been correctly moved to the Saturday show section!
  5. broken download has now been fixed for this!
  6. Hi all For awareness, this download was broken but has now been fixed
  7. The download for this was broken but has now been fixed!
  8. Hi everyone Pleased to say the download is now fixed!
  9. Thanks for this, we'll go through and update the tracklist asap!
  10. Thanks Burien, I cant find any info about this online anywhere though, is it for sale anywhere? I couldnt seem to find it on Discogs either
  11. Still needs fixing, I'm going to sort it asap!
  12. I'll get this fixed asap, I'm just going through checking for broken links at the moment!
  13. Simcut

    New Shows?

    Yeah, we're thankfully nowhere near done yet! :)
  14. Simcut

    New Shows?

    To give you an idea, I have the following amount in my archive that still needs to be recorded and uploaded:- 1998 - 13 shows (mixture of 90 minutes & 2 hours) 1999 - 17 shows (majority are 2 hours) 2000 - 3 shows 2001 - 2 shows 2002 - 18 shows unknown dates - 2 shows that's 55 shows worth of audio to come!