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  1. Agree! Musical folklore and word on messageboards worldwide implores every serious dance music fan to already have this on their shelf. Still play this loads and it has not dated. I might even say this is where the word "classic" was first coined in terms of that late 90s Trance explosion in the UK.
  2. Empire Of The Sun - Without You (New version) ---------------- simple but brilliant musical sequence, lovely stuff sirs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVarVeryQFo
  3. It's an awesome feeling when you finally find a missing piece after so many years!
  4. There's nothing Arty & Matt Zo can do about this - Anjunabeats hold the copyright naturally. Does anyone know if they issued any legal proceedings?
  5. Driving to Worcester tomorrow in the van, will download this now as new more new audio. Thanks sir
  6. Do you need me to reupload it sirs? When you put it up remember to label jivemaster as the original uploader, not me
  7. Came out on Hed Kandi Records I think, got the mp3 batch Little TL update for you sirs
  8. Can somebody re-upload the clip please? Can't find it anywhere and I remember it being amazing
  9. mitchmix99, would love to hear this, did you find it?
  10. What's the obsession with WAVs, aside from being gigantic files do they really sound better than a 320k mp3? I guess they should but I've not compared...
  11. Well, judging from the tracklisting we now have above, you might be onto something there...