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  1. she wrote the lyrics & the melody, he wrote the music. i gather he re-used his music with a different vocal over it, and so it seems entirely fair that she re-recorded her bit (the singing) and used it with different music.
  2. got it from a fellow kirsty fan, thanks anyway :wink: if anyone's interested, kirsty recorded her own new version of the song (ie without jj's music) and there's a future funk squad remix of it on her new compilation album "meta message" which is out today. very good sexy downtempo tune, if that's your cup of tea. some other great tunes on there too.
  3. the deck will have its own analogue -> digital converter built in. & you don't need a phono amp for the digital signal.
  4. the only football game that ever mattered
  5. yeah it can, you just get digital data being sent down the lead instead of analogue audio. which means never connect a digital output to an analogue input, or you'll hear some very nasty noises and possibly break something (speakers, ears, brain etc :twisted: ) might be worth your while looking for a soundcard with spdif input. it's an additional expense but shouldn't be much compared to the deck, and should make ripping a piece of cake... *edit* hehehe your message changed while i was replying to it
  6. is it a phono socket? my only experience of using spdif was connecting my dad's freeview box to the soundcard on my brother's computer, both had phono spdif sockets so just a normal phono lead (one half of a stereo pair...) did the job fine. does your sound card have digital in?
  7. cheeky monkey *bump* :wink:
  8. moving to uni can be a distracting time
  9. would you have the technology and the motivation to record the song off the tape? or has anyone else got a digital copy lying about? there may be a lollypop in it for you :wink:
  10. *edit edit edit * i'm still very interested to hear the jules track if anyone can help me out 8-)
  11. hey up i couldn't decide which forum to post this in so feel free to move it do any of jules' monthly mixes on his site contain the song "beautiful danger" featuring kirsty hawkshaw, or alternatively do any of you have a copy of a radio show with it on, eg this one? (of course if anyone happens to have an unmixed copy of it that'd be even better, but i'll take what i can get ) i looked for it nearer the time with no luck, but was just reminded of it 'cos an alternative version mixed by future funk squad is coming out on kirsty's new compilation album very soon... cheers!