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  1. Absolutely spot on! I was chatting with my mate today about the exact same. All the big clubs with a few exceptions have closed and the whole scene is nothing like what it used to be. I used to get home on a Friday and start the weekend with jules when he was on after pete tong and before danny rampling and then be out Saturday night before finishing the weekend with dance anthems! Tunes from back in the day would remind you of either a specific night or certain era. I listen to new trance and like you say it's so easily forgettable, whereas tunes like dumonde, David forbes etc bring back fond memories. I guess it just won't be the same as it was! Even on jules Saturday shows where they were live from a summer festival were epic to listen to from the beginning, turning on the radio at 5 to hear jules live from the summer sound system etc will never be matched. Maybe it's just a gripe from another 30year old but hey it has to be said. At least there are plenty of sets uploaded on here to keep the nostalgia going a little while longer!
  2. Great upload, I've only got the last half hour of his shows on tapes and the quality is very poor so I'm glad to have found this one.
  3. Great upload! Loved listening to this on tape before its perished!
  4. Thanks for the upload, I like many others commenting had a small recording on cassette which is beyond playable these days. This site is an absolute beast for nostalgia!
  5. Had the last half hour of this on tape and I have been looking for it ever since. This site really is amazing and an answer to my prayers! I think my old tapes can now be thrown away thanks to this site!
  6. I have been looking for so long to find some old mixes from his show and they seem impossible to find, I have old tapes with combinations of judge jules and paul kershaw occupying equal amounts of tape space! Has anyone found any links for downloading his old shows as they were brilliant with some real stompers,