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  1. The one Jules played for this set was: Kriana - The Weekend Has Landed (Yellowstone's Burgled Mix) And yes Tim if you do have the full set on tape if you could upload it that would be superb! As I'm so gutted I taped over the side of this recording I did
  2. Now that is some tracklisting!!! brilliant,,,,
  3. Superb! really looking forward to listening this and reminiscing on old memories!
  4. Great effort that! and 2 great mixes to listen too. thanks :thumbsup:
  5. Have to agree with both here, and personally Saxuality has always been one of my favourite Jules productions!
  6. Just donated £20 for Jules mix, hopefully these 4 tracks get included thanks :thumbsup:
  7. This is so difficult to narrow down, some have gone with three, top being my 1st pick: Lovechild - Liberta (Moonman Remix) Friends of Matthew - Out There (Lange Remix) Aptness - The Answer and a bonus one if possible: Digger - Church of Ra
  8. Yeah really great Jules will do this...A fantastic effort to get it agreed Neuro!! However to pick just 1 track my word now that's a tough choice to make
  9. Downloaded and looking forward to listening to this set - oh to be back in 99!!
  10. what a great looking set!! looking forward to downloading and listening to this one... thanks :thumbsup: Out of interest do you have the creamfields set from 1999 as well?
  11. Was this set ever added to the archives? I can't remember this set and would like hear this one as i'm sure it would have been a banger!!
  12. Quality!!! what memories this brings back from an excellent evening spent at this with a load of mates.
  13. I think the numbers are out i think there is an extra track between 3 and number 4 so the new Number 5 is Global Trance Mission - 'Dream Mission' i don't know the remix though
  14. Just a very quick flick through and number 6 is The Olmec Heads - 'Spiritualized' (Original Mix) [Neo]