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  1. 12 - Experience Junkie - Reefer https://www.discogs.com/Experience-Junkie-Reefer/release/780801
  2. hahah yep. But nah i def reckon it's Jules cause he knew the guitar part.
  3. Louk

    id229: Visage?

    It's this mate https://www.discogs.com/Dirty-Rotten-Scoundrels-vs-Mr-Wiggly-Fade-To-Grey/release/426699
  4. bet it's blatantly jules haaha
  5. Still can't believe no one knows this, the orig is ace!
  6. Cheers Tim! Sorry mate I just saw this.
  7. Louk

    Horny Horns

    Love the above version ^^^^
  8. More classics, but that's not a bad thing as I love em Louk
  9. Bit of a classics fest this one, my mate linked me to his luminosity set too so I'll post that as well Louk
  10. that was around the same time as 4 strings froZen february
  11. I reckon it's . 4 Strings - 'Sunrise' [Liquid]
  12. 12. Last Resort - Go Ahead London [slammer] Intro is 14. Mauro Picotto - Luna [bXR] 15. Mauro Picotto - Awesome etc...
  13. Sonique 16. Dominion - 11 hours (John Johnson Vocal Dub Mix) [Whoop] 19. Pureal - Ease The Pressure [White] (playing with knives booty) 21. K90 - Deliverance (Nuw Idol Mix) [Telica] 22. Vinyl Freakz - That's Right [sunrise] 23. Anthony Atcherley - In My House (Jon Doe Mix) [Honeypot]