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  1. Did anyone download the full version of this and can reupload please? Mine cuts off after Incantation
  2. Louk

    New Shows?

    I uploaded one a couple days ago from Temple Theatre (later than the one already up)
  3. 000' Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade (Fergie Mix) [Manifesto] 006' Hans Gruber Project - Fast Fashion 012' RBA - No Alternative [Carnal] 017' 024' 029' Hennes & Cold - Second Trip (Scot Project Remix) [Overdose] w/ Fatboy Slim - Star 69 (Acapella) 035' Jonah - Ssst Listen [Smash Trax] 040' Sono - Keep Control (??? Remix) 046' DJ Session One - Ocean Of Eternity (Michael Fusseder Remix) [Blutonium] 051' Bootleg Horns - Holding On [Positiva] 052' 053' Perfect Phase - Horny Horns [Positiva] 056' Black Spider - Save Your Life (Remix) 061' Warp Brothers vs Aquagen - Phatt Bass Remix 066' Joy Kitikonti - Joy Energizer 069' Stormtraxx - The Sun Goes Down 072' I.C.O.N - Voco Me (Flim Flam Mix) Judge Jules 078' Members Of Mayday - 10 In One 085' ??? Thomas Krome 090' The Clergy - Saints & Sinners 097' Powell - I Am Ready 102' Mauro Picotto - Verdi 106' VPL - T-Break 111' ??? 117' Afrika Bambaataa - Funky Heroes (Jan Driver Remix) 121' RBA - No Alternative 126' DJ Elite - That Fuct Camera 132' Revil-O - Witness (Remix) 136' Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire (L.C.F Remix) 145' Hi-Gate - Caned And Unable 149' Yves Deruyter - Rhythmatic Bazz I was quite lazy with tracklist on this one and skipped through quickly. Never seen this on here before so.... Reckon it's 2nd or 9th of June 2001 as Jules played loads of those on the radio. Louk
  4. sorry mate just saw this, heard lots of good things about key 103 but unfortunately i'm from the other side of the country. Good luck with the hunt! If anywhere check mixcloud!
  5. there's more mixes of his i'm trying to ID will put em up later
  6. Three mixes by a friend of mine, trying to work out the missing IDs, last one on the club 97 mix isn't really prog but something I can't seem to find Club 97 Mix - 10/07/1999 https://www.mixcloud.com/djtim-french/live-radio-mix-10-july-1999-club-97-plymouth-sound/ Oudja - Never Tell What You Think (Jarrod & Gilbey's Choo Choo Remix) [Bonzai Trance Progressive] Apollo 440 - Stop The Rock (T-Total Remix) [Epic] Subtle By Design - Sirius [Boogieman] Heliotropic - Alive (Fade Remix) [Multiply] Sasha - Belfunk [Deconstruction] Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp [Additive] Prima - Not Everything (Brittany Remix) [Heat] Dominion - Ultraviolet [Whoop] Hybrid - If I Survive [Distinctive] Alanis Morissette - Your House (Hybrid Forgive Me Mix) [White] Deep Dish - Persepolis [Deconstruction] ?? https://www.mixcloud.com/djtim-french/dj-demo-mix-autumn-1998/ Mike Koglin - The Silence (Truman & Wolff Remix) [Multiply] Sam Mollison - Always On My Mind (Southern Cross Mix) [INCredible] Ruff Driverz - Shame (Red Jerry Dub) [Inferno] DJ Rap - Good To Be Alive (Deep Dish Loves To Dub Her Dub Mix) [Higher Ground] Friction & Spice - Step Into My Dream [FFRR] Slacker - Psychout (Thing) [Jukeboy In The Sky] Voices Of Kwanh A.D - Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo (The Light Mix) [Excession] Hybrid - Kill City [Distinctive] Freefall Feat Jan Johnston - Skydive [Stress] BT - Godspeed [Renaissance] Alanis Morissette - Your House (Hybrid Forgive Me Mix) [White] Last one is a bit later (2004 I think) but a couple older bits in https://www.mixcloud.com/djtim-french/fuel-sessions-part-1-bar-fuel/ Fuel Sessions Part 1 00' 07' 15' 22' Anthony White - Love Me Tonight (Fathers Of Sound Xtended Mix) [Stress] 30' Smoke City - Underwater Love (Morales Reprise Mix) [Jive] 39' Science Department - Persuasion [Bedrock] 49' Carter & Swain - Felt Love [Plastica RED] 57' 62' Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Timo Maas Mix) [Mute] Any help appreciated! Louk
  7. Dan Nugent / Latex Zebra has just remixed his Angel Chorus track as GnD for Vandit. Had lots of plays from Armin, PVD and Aly & Fila. Out this week
  8. Yeah parallels have some beasts too! A mate of mine from Plym is on there, Paul Hawcroft - Unicorn. The label made him change the kick and clap though, there is another version he's been playing for ages that sounds far better than the released one.
  9. Hey guys! Saw this, I've engineered 7 of the past 62 FSOE Clandestine releases, some of the more techier ones! Loving the sound of the label, Stoneface & Terminal have mixed a CD coming on Skullduggery soon with some belters in. Def one of my fav tech trance labels out there. Louk
  10. 12 - Experience Junkie - Reefer https://www.discogs.com/Experience-Junkie-Reefer/release/780801
  11. hahah yep. But nah i def reckon it's Jules cause he knew the guitar part.
  12. Louk

    id229: Visage?

    It's this mate https://www.discogs.com/Dirty-Rotten-Scoundrels-vs-Mr-Wiggly-Fade-To-Grey/release/426699
  13. Still can't believe no one knows this, the orig is ace!
  14. Love the above version ^^^^
  15. More classics, but that's not a bad thing as I love em Louk
  16. Bit of a classics fest this one, my mate linked me to his luminosity set too so I'll post that as well Louk
  17. that was around the same time as 4 strings froZen february
  18. I reckon it's . 4 Strings - 'Sunrise' [Liquid]