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  1. Yeah parallels have some beasts too! A mate of mine from Plym is on there, Paul Hawcroft - Unicorn. The label made him change the kick and clap though, there is another version he's been playing for ages that sounds far better than the released one.
  2. Hey guys! Saw this, I've engineered 7 of the past 62 FSOE Clandestine releases, some of the more techier ones! Loving the sound of the label, Stoneface & Terminal have mixed a CD coming on Skullduggery soon with some belters in. Def one of my fav tech trance labels out there. Louk
  3. 12 - Experience Junkie - Reefer https://www.discogs.com/Experience-Junkie-Reefer/release/780801
  4. hahah yep. But nah i def reckon it's Jules cause he knew the guitar part.
  5. Louk

    id229: Visage?

    It's this mate https://www.discogs.com/Dirty-Rotten-Scoundrels-vs-Mr-Wiggly-Fade-To-Grey/release/426699
  6. Still can't believe no one knows this, the orig is ace!
  7. Love the above version ^^^^
  8. More classics, but that's not a bad thing as I love em Louk
  9. Bit of a classics fest this one, my mate linked me to his luminosity set too so I'll post that as well Louk
  10. that was around the same time as 4 strings froZen february
  11. I reckon it's . 4 Strings - 'Sunrise' [Liquid]
  12. 12. Last Resort - Go Ahead London [slammer] Intro is 14. Mauro Picotto - Luna [bXR] 15. Mauro Picotto - Awesome etc...
  13. Sonique 16. Dominion - 11 hours (John Johnson Vocal Dub Mix) [Whoop] 19. Pureal - Ease The Pressure [White] (playing with knives booty) 21. K90 - Deliverance (Nuw Idol Mix) [Telica] 22. Vinyl Freakz - That's Right [sunrise] 23. Anthony Atcherley - In My House (Jon Doe Mix) [Honeypot]
  14. 06 = Novacaine 2001 - The Model (Pale X Mix) [Nukleuz]
  15. Ah found this post 10. Scott Mac + Shadow - Switchblade [Route 1] 15. Rockerfellers - Da Boss Track 22. 3phase Feat. Dr. Motte - 'Der Klang Der Familie' (James Holden's Wet & f***ed Mix) [silver]
  16. Dave Pearce 13. Signum - In Progress [Jinx] Mix of The drll is the evacuation mix at 11
  17. track after it but before Boyos 24. Mr X + Mr Y - Global Players [Low Sense] then boyos.
  18. 23. Airhead - U Do Something To Me [Tonkin] http://www.juno.co.uk/products/airhead-u-do-something-to-me/59721-01/ Louk
  19. 15 is either the Club or Circus mix of Meteor Music on DreisCheibe http://www.juno.co.uk/products/meteor-seven-universal-music/56938-01/