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    Clubbing from 93 ... djing from 96... listening to jules from 88 -99. Raiding the crates and recalling all those nights and tunes I can't remember :D

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  1. Some of these 96-97 sets are very odd selections ... sorta reminds me of times I walked away from JJ feeling underwhelmed. The one complaint I always had of him was that he'd play SUCH a blinding set one week ... literally all the big tunes and a load of acetates and white labels you'd never hear again ... then the next week he'd just drop a whole set of utter handbag shite! I'd get all my mates to go with me to Frisky Ministry or Gallery @ Turnmills, Bagleys, or Clockwork Orange after seeing him smash it ... and he would play like it wasn't him!? I know a lot of it is subjective, and what you are in the mood for, what the DJ feels like playing, and you meet in the middle somewhere. But I honestly would be MIFFED at how on and off JJ could be. There were at least a 6 times I came away thinking "I'm not going to see him again after that rubbish" ... but would always unconsciously tune into his Friday -sat shows on Kiss and start hearing banging tunes again and get revved up for another gig lol ... he won't budge ... he also turned up drunk a few times and spent most of the set being center of attention and fluffing his mixes. He's done that taking the needle of the record while its playing a few times lol ... I'm having fun compiling my JJ retromixes from 96 -99, as there is a sad lack of sets from that period. And there were great tunes that were in the bangin - pumping vein before the Trance sound dominated and it got too samey ...
  2. Anyone ever go to the Clockwork Orange raves @ Camden Palace and The Cross???? Some bangin and memorable sets from Jules, Kelly, Fontaine and the other big room "Big Choon" DJ's from 95 - 99!
  3. tomohawk77


    Like toilet paper - we're on a roll ... We're pumpin' you up like a Lilo ... Like an Iron Girder we supply you with rather solid stuff ... I agree with what one the previous posters said about JJ giving us names of tunes ... but most of his swag bag was all mash ups, acetates and White Labels ... the mixes i am compiling for this site are all well known tunes ... is THOSE white labels we need to get our grubby mitts on ... like the one in summer 97 he was caning that had the theme from Tales of the Unexpected on the breakdown lol
  4.'>Track 3 is Jean Philippe - Sexy Thing. Pumping house that Jules and Graham Gold played @ Frisky and Peach. I had the wax. Marshall Jefferson dropped it @ Tribal Gathering 96 as well and the place went nuts. Track 9 is classic Techno: Outsider - Pain in my Brain on Junior Recs. Never heard JJ play this, but Cox and Dave Angel were all over it. Track 11 is Natural Born Grooves - Forerunner (Nobody ID'd it?!) One of the biggest tunes of 96. Never loses its feel after 20 years!
  5. Track 2 is deffo Aleem - Flirti Organi. Used to have it on wax.
  6. Track on the 12 min mark is: Pizzaman - Gotta man Following Progress Funk is: Westbam - Sunshine: Stretch n Vern Mix (Wkd tune CANED by Jules and Kelly in 97) This sounds like what JJ was spinning mid 97
  7. Judge Jules in what is probably the earliest shot I've seen him in @ Kiss when they were a Pirate station in 1988! This was when I first started listening to his show along with Norman Jay and Trouble Anderson, et al.
  8. The Marc Et Claude tune went down a storm @ The Cross @ Serious. Jules used to spin another track with that "La la la laaa" vocal in 96 - 97. I'll have to dig that one out for JJ 97 Retromix
  9. No it was live on Radio 1. Jules came down to the Ministry to spin with Jon Kelly after the Liverpool one. My 21st lol. Friday 24th July 98. We went to the Brighton one the following year with Cox and Jules
  10. Hello JJ all the way, U R right, Judge´s slots on KISS were phenomenal. Pity, there are a few of his KISS shows available throughout the internet. I recorded only bits and pieces that are here in the archive. Btw, if you can dig out some of his KISS shows and upload them it would be a treasure. Paul Uskin (IDed as) Paul Erskine 'Don't Stop' - where did you find the info about it? Cannot find any relevant info about such a release. I had many JJ Kiss shows taped from 88 -97. Fridays 7 -10 Sats 4 -7. The Classic house mastermix was a good slot, as well as mastermixes featuring all those acetates and white labels ... all good thrown out in a huge box FULL of other DJ tapes from the 90s ... still bite my fist today when I think about it. I specifically taped to keep as documents for a place this this lol ... he basically Tonged out after joining R1. 98 -99 had some good tunes, but moved across to other things after getting bored with Trance in 2000. I loved the 95 -late 97 period, as the club nights n London were many and varied. Jules then played all over the shop as circuit DJ. After R1 he stopped doing a lot good club nights as they simply couldn't afford him anymore ... I preferred the mix of pumping house, prog and the upcoming Trance sound as it was then, with tunes like Moonman's "don't be afraid" and many of the tunes off the Introspective of House comps, the best representation of what the sound was the, as well as the JDJ mixes. Sorry to hear that - a sad story indeed! It would be a full treasury of cream if the tapes had not been lost! Btw, there was a d´n´b hype back around 1995-97. I agree that JJ would prefer d´n´b for some time and smuggled some tunes into his shows, gigs and compilations. I was in London from Autumn 97 to Spring 98 and there were many superb places to go - Camdan Palace, Cross and many others with Ministry on the top! Radio 1 landing catapulted Jules into elevator where the sky was a limit. It was not a nation DJ anymore, he became a global star since BBC was already broadcasting via ASTRA satellite and, if I am not mistaken, in five years´ time they launched net digital broadcast. Camden Palace was one the best venues of that era. I'd been going there to Jungle - Hardcore Rave since 93, and then to House events like Peach and Clockwork Orange - Divine, etc. The Cross, Bagleys, SW1 club, Leisure Lounge, all great venues ... but the main room @ Ministry (The Box) is still the best rig I ever witnessed. MOS was owned by Millionaires, so as shit as their compilations were, and the cheese they promoted, the place was great on the right night with your favorite DJs. I went every other week for 7 years in a row. Jules did go global with R1. He had already been a well known player since 87 when Kiss was a pirate. He was a lot more funky then, and was actually a prodigy of Norman Jay, who had the big show on Kiss in 85 -91, and had been running Good Times @ Notting Hill Carnival since the early 80s. He and Jules put on Warehouse Raves, Norman with GT, and Jules had his Family Function org. Music was a lot slower then,and more in with things like Soul II Soul, Balearica, Acid Jazz, etc. Jules was made for R1 in a way, but I'm glad I had been seeing him those years beforehand. Kiss FM created a HUGE buzz in london when they went Legal in late 91, and everybody used to play Kiss all the time, as well as the Underground pirate stations, so you knew where to go clubbing.
  11. Yeah its Serious Danger - Deeper (Memory Mans Revival Mix) One of the biggest tunes for me in 98. JJ caned it on his show and out in the Clubs. Its on the Slinky 98 Essential Mix. Classic tune, always gets a rise
  12. This mix must be from 95, as Yeke Yeke, Wink, Umboza and Access came out in 95. This was what JJ was spinning mid 95
  13. Saw Sonique quite a few times in 97 -98. she used to be in S -Express with Mark Moore. She was friends with Jules, hence her explosion onto the dance scene in 97. She was signed to Serious Management, run by Jules' bro Sam, so she was lucky to jump in right at the top. I wasn't always in the mood for her singing over sets, but she was smart enough to only do it over a couple of tunes and not ruin a set, like those idiot MC's do at Jungle raves. Saw her first time @ Clockwork Orange in June 97 as part of a mega studded bill with Jules, Kelly, Fontaine and Alex P. It did feel a bit like she raided Jules crates, as she played all the same things he did, but she quickly developed her own sound and was a pretty good mixer. My own monthly night took over from hers in 2002 @ Pomodoros in Bishopsgate, as she went to live abroad. Her Fantazia 98 mix had some good tunes like Organ - To The World, and my favorite version of "Spell on You." A deep, moody dub.
  14. Deliciously uplifting JJ anthem from summer 96 (snippet taken from a cruddy old JJ mixtape bootlegged from Clockwork Orange @ Camden Palace in June 96) This was a HUGE summer anthem in 96. Typical of the pumping, uplifting House Jules was spinning at the time, with the Trance and Progressive, harder edge stuff seeping in. Using the classic Nightwrighters "Let The Music Use You" from 87 (Jules used to cane the original on his Kiss pirate show in 87 as well) Never found a digital copy of this, so will have to get it from Discogs and rip it for my parties this summer.