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  1. andy condie

    id131 - last track played @ Lush, 30-06-2000

    The c*** Ry never replied to my email so I bought the soundtrack, the wife looked at when it arrived in the post.. I listened to the whole CD very carefully and still couldn’t find that sample or anything close... So, I asked a well know producer in Northern Ireland and he is 100% sure that the sample in the ID ID track is not a live guitar sample. It’s from a synth or electronic source if you get me.
  2. andy condie

    id131: last track played @ Lush, 2000-06-30

    No, I asked him & he said wasn’t him nor does he know who it could be.
  3. andy condie

    id131 - last track played @ Lush, 30-06-2000

    I’ve emailed Ry Cooder to see if that sample is from one of his songs as I’ve listened to a few and can’t make the connection to which track it is from.
  4. andy condie

    id221: Track 12, 1999-08-27 - BBC Radio 1 Dance Party

    Fuck, this is class :-( i want it too
  5. andy condie

    How do I download mixes?

    I was just about to ask the same question :-) thanks