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  1. Fantastic! I love the wee effect at 27 seconds, sounding class
  2. Well done Burien, you found him! I was talking to Julian last night and he confirmed everything. He does not have the original or dat files, he literally has no way of getting his hands on it either. He told me as much as he can remember and what he used to make the track, (NO Ry Cooder sample) as I’ve mentioned previous. I am currently downloading VSTs in hope to get my remake more accurate. Below is pictures of the studio where is was created
  3. I haven’t touched my remake since December due to working away from home, I just got back yesterday so hopefully I will get it polished off this month, May 2021. I’ve sent the December version to some of your inboxes to give you a taste......once it’s completed (Free copy to all in here first!)
  4. Thanks, Ableton. Sylenth, spire and various classic trance sample packs. not finished just yet though, still loads of changes to make. I want it as close to the original as possible
  5. The Ry Cooder story is pants btw I’ve listened to the whole album countless times. The guitar sound is an electronic synth & if you listen to both (ID track & Paris Texas) you can hear it sounds nothing like a guitar. The only thing similarities is a pitch bend, that’s it.
  6. Haha no chance! Jules needs to make a global appeal, I’m gonna speak to Amanda and see if Jules will do it...
  7. No, I asked him & he said wasn’t him nor does he know who it could be.
  8. I’ve emailed Ry Cooder to see if that sample is from one of his songs as I’ve listened to a few and can’t make the connection to which track it is from.