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  1. Thanks Jason B & DJTonyG. Kriana - The Weekend Has Landed is a belting track. There was another I was struggling to ID. It was some sort of mashup of Fatboy Slim Right Here, Right Now. I'll get organised and upload the set for everyone to enjoy. I must have been through 6 hours worth of tapes over the weekend. It's brought back loads of memories, mainly good! I've come across tracks I'd forgotten about such as "Hey Little Girl" by Mathias Schaffhauser and Hemstock & Jennings "Mirage", the version with the haunting operatic vocals.
  2. I've just found a shoe box full of old sets, mainly from the late nineties & early naughties. I've made a start going through them starting with the broadcast live from Bar M in Ibiza from August 1999. This is the one where Gordon Matthewman was ad libbing with his trumpet. Below is the track listings from the whole set and the mixes I believe were used. I'd love to know what the penultimate track is, the one that uses "the weekend has landed" from Human Traffic. Anyway, hope this is of some help. The Judge won't budge. Fragma - "Toca Me" (In Petto remix) Progress Boys - "Everybody" Agn