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  1. Has anyone got the full show including col Hamilton mix?
  2. Yes sorry I bought it also I should maybe have said and save you the cash. The chase lives on
  3. I see No samples online though, and jules did play trumpet which is what the sound is I think.
  4. Is it a trumpet with some FX on it? Anyone heard this, my theory being Jules played the trumpet (as we know he does) and dave angel did the techno behind it https://www.discogs.com/Judge-Jules-And-Dave-P-Angel/release/379019?ev=item-vc
  5. Thanks everyone for the help of narrowing some of these down
  6. Anyone any samples or ideas especially the unknown ones 4 - More Bounce Cygnus X - Sea of Orange D.D - Unknown Deliverance - Feel You Morpheus - Shock Mouve - 93 Mr Oizo Vs Daft Punk - Flat Beat Nueva - 93 Power - R U Large Quartermaster - Want You Back Rhythm Rebel - Mama Say Rhythm Robbers - Mama Say Robert Armani - Circus Bells (Unknown Remix) Rubadub - Gobounce Space Brothers - Destiny Stash - Stash Sump Pump - Realm Of Insanity Sunshine - Let The Sunshine The Dubwise Selectas - Wassup (At The Disco) Unknown - Double Life Unknown - Gorgeous Unknown - Joy Unknown - Let The Sun Shine Unknown - Like Unknown - Mind Blowin Unknown - More Bounce Unknown - Piano Roots Unknown - Plus One Unknown - Powersurge Unknown - Sound Design Unknown - Stomp Unknown - Tainted Love Unknown - Tantrum Unknown - The Music Makes You Unknown - This World
  7. The word 'Bass' keeps coming to mind, was a dark black / brown label color
  8. Jules I am sure played this The sample was from a concert and the quote had the words "this is a... psychedelic feeling up here" It is driving me mad I cannot find it anywhere it was on 12" I had it and cannot get the name. It was either morrisons own voice or val kilmer in a sample taken from the doors movie. At least I think it was the doors? Maybe thats where Im going wrong but Ive searched jules tracklsts for psychedelic feeling and get 0 results.
  9. I know some people have this and I have offered £100 for the acetate on discogs but no one has responded. Has anyone got a wav of the acetate or can make one. Please PM me I will send £10 your way
  10. anyone got a sample of the beatchuggers he plays on this show there isn't a sample online anywhere. I have the vinyl but not sure what mix he played and would like to know
  11. Just to say in case it helps anyone 05. Dario G - 'Don't You Cry' (Ralphie B's Massive Mix) [Manifesto] This was actually released as Heaven Is Closer (Feels Like Heaven) (Ralphie B Vocal Edit) I own every possible copy of this from Discogs and not one is the exact same version as the one played on this mix, the only difference mind you is the vocal is different.
  12. sorry for the delay in replying .. it was defiantely described by the Judge as a ' white label' ... & no, it was definately not Tiesto's In search of sunrise ' .. although this is a amazingly good track (!) & it did not have a vocal and it was not dark .. quite the opposite in fact !! it was a melodic uplifting insrtumental trancer .. ) .... it sounded very much like a Darren Tate track .. I would not be surprised if it was him .. but there is no record of him doing a track called 'Sunrise' .. I am intrigued by what you said about 3 fingers .. do you have a copy of this ?? I would love to hear it again .. and yes, it was definately played by the Judge after the 3 fingers mix of BT;s Flaming June .. circa 2000/1 + also, thanks for your help .. !! totally awesome .. ))) :thumbsup: System F - Solstice - 3 Fingers -
  13. I learnt beat matching in under a week with zero help from anyone, not even an explanation of how the pitch worked or to twist / slow down the platter etc It just is obvious I thought I often hear people saying they took weeks I could never understand that.