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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a miracle HAHA!!! Have looked for this one ever since I accidentally overwrote it on mini disc, have kicked myself ever since lol!!! SUCH A GOOD SET!!! Be brilliant to get the it in full cus cuts off just as the crowd start singing Coco & Aptness - 'Miracle Answer' - is still magic though just to hear it again. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ^ That's about it dude, I thought I had a gatecrasher one, but it turned out to be at the Mardi Gras in 2002. I have found a few on Limewire though which is like Winmx and Kaza. If you download Limewire and search for "Judge Jules Live" there's quite a few. Here's the Sanky Soap set in dvd quality, that’s the highest I could get it; 171mb
  3. Ok man I just ripped it to the best quality I could get and it does sound a little bit richer, but you've got to have a trained hear to notice lol. It's like 170mb so I'll up it tomorrow when I get the time, or mabye a bit later on today...
  4. Here you go bro, it's in mini-disc quality; Judge Jules Live from Sankey's Soap Manchester.mp3 1 hour 14 mins (68.66 MB)
  5. Wicked mate thanks!!! I've got some of Sanky Soaps in Manchester, and I think Gatechrasher Summer Sound Sytem from like 2002, I'll try and get them up... Also I think one of those unknown tunes from Slinky is "Black Spider - Save Your Life"
  6. 17/11/00, Friday Live at Media, Nottingham.mp3 (39.33 mins) 36.22mb ??/??/00- early01? Live @ Slinky Bournemouth.mp3 (21.10mins) 19.33mb These are'nt the full 2hour sets unfortunately, but I think both are quite good anyway. I know I've got some more on mini disc so if I can find them I'll up them on this thread also.
  7. No worries bro, I'll get on it!! I'll post them up in the audio section!!
  8. WOOO lol, yea that's the mix dude thanks for that link!! I haven’t heard that tune in ages really brings back memories, and you're right the set must have been from around early 2000. I can remember recording it around then on to mini disc, but that recoding got wiped and I've been kicking myself ever since over that cus the set sounded amazing, the whole crowed was really in it, especially when he drops that remix because I think their singing the lyrics was louder then the sound system lol. I've got a few other sets that I can copy off the mini disc's I've got left. I've got about the last 40mins of Bubblelove in Media Nottingham, and about 20 or so mins of Slinky in Bournemouth which have both got one or to stunning tunes in them. I'll have another look and see if I've got anything else, but if you want to check those I can up them on in mp3 for you no problem.
  9. Thanks man, it’s seriously appreciated lol!
  10. Ok I had a load of really wicked Judge Jules live radio 1 mix sets from like 2000 - 2001. Basically though I've lost them, and there's this one in particular that had a remix of toca's miracle that Jules’s played called "miracle answered" or something. Anyway the set was just stunning and I would just be really really grateful if anyone can tell me who knows what set that was and where I can download it etc. Thanks!!!