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  1. Anyone know where i can buy this (Church Of Ra) digital in FLAC, Wave or 320k MP3
  2. Try this (This is one without Martin Luther King sample) on vinyl that kind of went missed at the time: Also Vicious Circle have done Complete Paul King Discography and have uploaded the full version remix of the one that was on Dave Pearce Euphoria
  3. Bootleg Horns (Clubmix)
  4. What about this ? Slusnik Luna – Sun (Original Mix) was on White Label then Or even this one?
  5. DJ Subtautic - Sunrise? Milk Inc - Sunrise (Jeckyl and Hyde Remix) Pacific Blue - Sunrise any of these??
  6. It is the instrumental version of the Pant & Corset Remix. Pants & Corset released a version could "Do You Want My Love" on Tripoli Trax in 2001 and White Label version with the Martin Luther King version in 2002 It also shows the Pants & Corset remix on the discogs for "True Euphoria"