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    Please ID the ID's and/or correct (any) mistakes Tracklist 00:00min SHUT UP & DANCE – Say Party 01:42min ID – ID brazilian track 04:30min ID – ID " I'm your fantasy" "do you wanna play with me" "we can try something completely different" 08:05min ID – ID " boing boing " --- familiar 11:26min ID – ID ragga 13:56min ID – ID ragga "me wind up up --- me wind up up --- me wind up up --- me wind up up – like a dollar bill" --- familiar 17:35min ID – ID "just play the music" techno/acid/vocoder tune 26:00min ID – ID "he's dead" "I gonna take you" repeated --- uplifting playboys/loveland??? 29:50min ID – ID 31:40min ID – ID 34:00min NUSH – U Girls 36:45min DJ DUKE – Turn It Up (Bootleg) 39:30min 4th MEASURE MEN – 4 You (Judge Jules & Skins Pumped Up Vocal) 43:30min 808 STATE – Bombadin (Barta Mix) 46:20min ID – ID --- funky bassline 47:55min ID – ID "you got me burning" 50:30min JULIAN JUMPIN PEREZ – Relight My Fire (Vocal Mix) 54:00min DONNA GILLES – And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going (Pride Mix) 56:10min THE REESE PROJECT – The Colour of Love (Play Boys Vocal) 57:55min PAMELA FERNANDEZ - Kickin in The Beat (Visnadi Mix) 1:01:00min GERIDEAU - Bring It Back To Love (Judge Jules Chunked Up Vocal) 1:04:20min HED BOYS – Girls & Boys 1:08:40min RAZE – Break 4 Love (Our Tribe Mix) 1:11:20min ID – ID techno/acid-tune 1:14:40min ID – ID techno/acid-tune 1:18:10min ID – ID techno/acid-tune 1:19:10min ID – ID techno/acid-tune 1:22:30min THE ETHICS EP – La Luna w/ ID - ID acappella --- rollers in my hair 1:27:10min Ill DISCO - 'It's Gonna Be Alright'
  2. amarjit


    Please ID the ID's and/or correct (any) mistakes Many Thanks! Tracklist 1. 00:00min RHYTHM MASTERS – Come On Y'all 2. 00:30min ID – ID Norman Cook tune ??? --- party track - funky drummer "can you reach" female vocal 3. 03:30min ID – ID Norman Cook tune ??? --- party track - funky guitar - "pump the bass"/"I found love" repeated 4. 06:10min JOSH WINK – Higher State Of Consciousness (ID Mix) 5. 10:50min ID – ID --- party track --- "love love baby" – breakbeaty 6. 14:20min BROWNSTONE – Grapevyne (Uno Clio Dub Mix) 7. 16:05min DONNA SUMMER – I Feel Love (Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix) 8. 20:10min MARY KIANI – When I Call Your Name (Hardfloor Vocal Mix) 9. 26:00min DAPHNE – Change (ID Mix) BT/Digweed/Sasha maybe MASSIVE TUNE 10. 34:30min ID – ID --- breakbeaty/sort-of-bouncy/atmospheric BIG 11. 40:40min ID – ID --- disco/piano/jazzy 12. 45:00min DISCO CITIZENS – Right Here right now (C.J Scott mix) 13. 51:00min JOY FOR LIFE – Warm It Up 14. 57:00min ID – ID --- no idea - piano 15. 1:01:40min LITTLE LOUIE & MARC ANTHONY - Ride On The Rhythm (Masters at Work Dub) 16. 1:07:50min ID – ID --- no idea – funky/disco 17. 1:11:30min MR. ROY – Something About U (Can't Be Beat) (Mr Roy's Deerstalker Dub) 18. 1:14:00min C'HANTAL – The Realm (Acapella) 19. 1:15:00min PROPAGANDA - P-Machnery '95 (The Adventure Continues) (T-EMPO Remix) 20. 1:24:20min ISHA-D – Stay (Epic Mix)