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  1. I think that might be 'Gym Tonic' by Bob Sinclar - that was the track he was mixing into and played next in the set
  2. Anymore info on this one? Another gem that could be played out today and not sound out of place!
  3. Still hunting for it As @Buriensaid, it would be great if someone knows Jules/Pearce and could see if they have any recollection? It was only ... 22 years ago
  4. Been trying to out what track 20 is for ages and still no joy, other than it samples Juliet Roberts "I want you" Track 3. is "Jumpin' & Pumpin" (Fred & Ginger TP Edit) by The Son Track 10. "Subimos Juntos" (We Rise Together) by Recall 22 Track 11. is listed wrong. It should be "Fine Night" (Untidy Dub) by Dusk Til Dawn feat Trudi