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  1. Listened to a bit of Jules from Naughty But Nice at the Crystal Rooms today and attempted to tracklist it for all you folks. Anybody have a date as to when Jules played at NBN? This set was either January 2001 or January 2002 (definitely not January 1999 as stated in the video). After browsing some old NBN flyers, I came across one night in 2002 which had Judge Jules, Dave Lea and Andy Passman dated 11 January 2002 and have attached the picture. I think I'm right. Here is what I have so far with the tracklisting, just a few IDs missing, enjoy! :): Judge Jules Live @ NB
  2. The tune is Altered State - Dreamscape (1999) or Exposure - Dreamscape (2000) (as Simcut mentioned). I'm guessing it may have been later properly released in 2000 after the guys parted ways with their manager Scott King perhaps. Also one of the artists is Mark Dearden (not to be confused with Mark Dearden who is Marcos, this guy has the same name but is not the same person). Does anyone know what the tune Ju
  3. Quite the banger of a track from 13:58 - 14:21, similar in style to Chicane and Trouser Enthusiasts, anybody happen to know what it is? It's the bit where it talks about Radio 1 hosting a weekend in Ibiza with Judge Jules (and tabledancer Luana)
  4. Anyone remember the Sky One Cream TV series? It follows a bunch of people on their clubbing journey. One of these is a promoter called Scott/Scot King from Liverpool promoting his night called Mish Mash trying to get his acetates played by the big names. Just curious to know what the acetate was that he was trying to get played as he give one to Jules at 22:14 whilst Jules is playing Fragma vs. Coco - Toca's Miracle (DJ Vimto's bootleg) at Creamfields 1999 (Also the tune played 22:04-22:13 doesn't appear to be in his Creamfields 1999 tracklist).
  5. Did anyone on here see Jules play at the GC Classical Afterparty yesterday (Saturday)?
  6. Hi all. I have been wanting to get a load of these tune IDs resolved for many, many years. They are mostly from Guy Ornadel's mixes which include his Future Radio show, 6hr sets at PaSSion etc. where the tracklistings seem non-existent! Messaged the man too but unfortunately he couldn't help other than to wish me luck in this quest! Some great variety here across the spectrum. Please take a listen, you never know, you may happen to know some of the IDs and maybe also discover some cool tunes Enjoy and thank you for listening. Unknown Years Trance IDs (but definitely within 2000-2008)