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  1. dormouse


    Suppose I should probably have something to say on this one. I listen to Radio 1 or 2 on my way in to work, sadly I'm on air at the same time as Moyles, so can't listen to him. He IS still by far the best thing on Radio 1, although Scott Mills is a damn sight better than he used to be. On my way home, I listen to CDs - I can't listen to my own station because I'm sick of it by then, and Radio 1 has Jo Whiley or Edith Bowman, both of which have incredibly annoying voices. Plus the rather obvious fact that Edith cannot present a radio show. You're right about Kelly Osbourne and d*** & Dom - both only have shows because they had an appeal on TV. The same as the god-awful Vernon Kay, who should never be allowed near a microphone. I actually think Sara Cox is OK and can be very funny if she puts her mind to it. There are plenty of very very good local radio presenters (amongst the tripe) that will always be overlooked because the top stations go for big names, not big talent. Only exception being Moyles, who worked his way up because of his talent. Rant over. Hello all, by the way! I do still read this, just rarely stop to post! :-)
  2. This truly WAS the golden era for Jules. Almost every song in that list is absolutely top-notch!
  3. dormouse

    My apology

    Just checked on here for the first time in aaaaaaaaaaages, didn't realise you'd done anything! Welcome back anyhow!
  4. dormouse

    Happy Birthday

    Cheers guys! Jules' was yesterday, and Robin's is tomorrow! It's all go....
  5. Ah thanks! :-) Things are going bloody well, still find I pinch myself everyday in case it's all a dream! Thanks for your kind comments guys....!!!!!! Let me know what ya reckon on the mix And Bjorn - yeah they are bloody good tunes, those ones!
  6. Well it's about a minute from my radio studio so I'll do my level best to get down there!
  7. Hello all! I've finally got myself on the decks again! An electro house set below for you to download. See what ya think.... MYPD featuring Liz 'You're Not Alone' (Micha Moor Remix) Yiannis Balkizas 'The Chase' Mason 'Quarter' Micha Moor 'Space' (Klaas Remix) Michael Mind 'Ride Like The Wind' (Klaas Remix) Bass Kleph 'Coup D'Etat' (Hook & Sling Remix) DJ Fubar & Christian Davies 'Ibiza Nights' (Electro Mix) Roman Pushkin 'Fat Bottomed Girls' Gold, Diaz & Young Rebels 'Don't You Want Me' (Peter Gelderblom Remix - Dormouse Re-Edit)
  8. Love it personally, definitely was one of the tracks of Armin's set at Global Gathering this year.
  9. Yeah Jules seemed to be Ok with it really, although his producer (Tom) did seem to have some crap ideas for the show, which Jules was verbally "batting away"!!!
  10. Really loving this Mojado bootleg. Great combination! Nick Callaghan behind it, isn't it?
  11. Congrats once again on the airplay - I was there in the studio for this one and it sounded great at full volume!
  12. From a radio presenter's point of view:- Good points JK & Joel gone in favour of a local radio presenter they've sourced - good to see they don't only hire celebrities Vernon Kay loses one of his two awful weekend shows Moyles gets an extra half an hour - although I think he should start at 6 like us commercial radio breakfast jocks! BUT Bad points Urban music taking over even more than it has been for the last 12 months - and now taking full control of the "going out" slots Radio 1 are somehow still gaining listeners but only slightly, and I think when the next RAJAR figures come out in October, there'll be some interesting results Dance music being sidelined, and as good as wiped off the schedule. It seems strange that they were very very pro-interaction with their dance shows 6 months ago - and seemingly now they're the opposite! d*** and Dom getting a radio show Kelly Osbourne getting a radio show An absolute travesty. Can't wait to see what Jules has to say.
  13. I'm seeing Jules at Radio 1 on Saturday so I'll discuss this with him. Absolutely ridiculous decision - marks the end of dance music on Radio 1 and just goes to prove what I've thought about Radio 1 for ages - they think "the youth" are all into urban s***.