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  1. I really don't understand how producers don't make music like this anymore??!! it baffles me , i'm not talking production wise just quality of melodies ect. I think alot of producers around the good old days had some actual music theory under their belt. I know benno de Goeij from Rank 1, Darren Tate. Sister Bliss, Junkie XL, Tiesto's producer at that time are all classically trained musicians.
  2. Sorry i haven't replied for a while, it's all but finished just got to get it mastered. I'll keep you posted
  3. I am , but im kinda taking a break as im currently learning to play the piano. I'm doing drips an drabs here and there inbetween but sorting out setting my own record label up too.
  4. Hiya mate, it samples this track
  5. Defo the ry cooder song I have the exact sample now thanks to will. The rework is nearly complete sorry it's taken a while but it's hard to find time to work on my music when I can. Give me a few more weeks and I'll post it.
  6. I hate how everything is about genres and bpm nowadays. Who cares a great track is a great track regardless. The thing I don't understand is there is so much politics in music nowadays people complaining about bpm and genre. I'm pretty sure that this never existed back in the early days people just enjoyed the music. Jules used to have a really unique sound and style of music that we all connected with because he would play an underground track and then play a track that had crossover potential. This is really what I miss, I hate going on about the politics of it all it does my head in. But I miss djs playing a diverse style as variety is the spice of life.
  7. Can't wait for this will be a mixture of new and old hopefully mostly old
  8. Yeah no worries mate thanks for replying I may just have to get the vinyl and try and find a way to rip it
  9. Hiya guys , I've been looking everywhere for this remix to buy on mp3 but can't find it anywhere just wondered if anyone knew of any where to purchase it? I don't have turntables anymore so it's pointless buying the vinyl as I wouldn't be able to play it. Thanks Craig
  10. I think this will be special and everyone will be surprised
  11. Your a star mate thank you so much I didn't realise this mix existed its like a totally seperate track. Thanks again mate
  12. I looked for the other mix of lizard and its not that track its the track where the voiceover lady says grooves to grind along too he doesnt say it wheb he says what has been playing just says stars on 99 , needle damage and lizard