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  1. 2002-08-24 - Judge Jules, Live at Creamfields

    This is the creamfields jules played three sets - radio 1, cream and passion tent. Should have been in the passion tent all night it was awesome..
  2. Unknown 1999 track

    Maybe it, thought it was a lot harder than this.. it was a long time ago though so u may be right!
  3. Unknown 1999 track

    Looking to see if anyone knows of a track jules played late 1999, it was on a Friday night show and had a guy shouting 'what time is it' and then track went crazy.. Sorry all I can explain - only heard it once and it has bugged me for years! Anyone know?
  4. Great looking set from jules, wish I was there for it!
  5. Luminosity 2017

    Thought it started well but second half wasn't great. The everybody scream things bloody annoying
  6. Digger - Church of Ra [Episode I]

    And it only cost me a fiver at the time!
  7. Digger - Church of Ra [Episode I]

    I got mine a few years ago by contacting the guys directly not sure how I managed it to be honest!
  8. Came on here thinking this was this years luminosity, this set was even better some awesome 'jules' tunes you wouldn't usually hear in a classics set
  9. Would love to know what the second one is, that was from creamfields 99?
  10. 2000-02-25 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    Just to add everyone of those is a mega classic
  11. 2000-02-25 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    Yeah got that record, still listen to it sometimes on you tube. It took years to realise gnd was gold n delicious!
  12. 2000-02-25 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    This is probably the only record of someone playing 'Angel Chorus' - thought I was the only one that knew it existed. So good as well
  13. Not been on the site for a long time, shame as would have liked to suggest a few tunes. well done to all for this great idea!
  14. So glad this has been uploaded, I did a request for this one a while ago - cheers!