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  1. I asked him his thoughts on this site, he was very complementary
  2. This popped up on Facebook, really good enjoyed it
  3. I’m guessing this was the one that was recorded on rapture tv?
  4. This is the creamfields jules played three sets - radio 1, cream and passion tent. Should have been in the passion tent all night it was awesome..
  5. Maybe it, thought it was a lot harder than this.. it was a long time ago though so u may be right!
  6. Looking to see if anyone knows of a track jules played late 1999, it was on a Friday night show and had a guy shouting 'what time is it' and then track went crazy.. Sorry all I can explain - only heard it once and it has bugged me for years! Anyone know?
  7. Great looking set from jules, wish I was there for it!
  8. Thought it started well but second half wasn't great. The everybody scream things bloody annoying
  9. I got mine a few years ago by contacting the guys directly not sure how I managed it to be honest!
  10. Came on here thinking this was this years luminosity, this set was even better some awesome 'jules' tunes you wouldn't usually hear in a classics set
  11. Would love to know what the second one is, that was from creamfields 99?
  12. Just to add everyone of those is a mega classic
  13. Yeah got that record, still listen to it sometimes on you tube. It took years to realise gnd was gold n delicious!
  14. This is probably the only record of someone playing 'Angel Chorus' - thought I was the only one that knew it existed. So good as well
  15. Not been on the site for a long time, shame as would have liked to suggest a few tunes. well done to all for this great idea!
  16. So glad this has been uploaded, I did a request for this one a while ago - cheers!
  17. That's awesome mate, I will check it out. Always regretted taping over this one.
  18. Awesome set this, definately sure number 11 is Hi-Gate 'Hurricane'
  19. I will be trying to get the Mrs there, that looks awesome.
  20. This, What a track! Shame the sound was rubbish, but thats another matter..