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  1. If I had known that way of uploading cassettes I would have put all my Jules tapes on here myself instead of sending them to Neuro!!!
  2. Oakenfolds set from GK got cut off either half an hour/hour early on radio 1 due to problems, not sure about in the club though
  3. Jules, Oakenfold, PVD, Sasha, Bond, John Kelly, Tall Paul, Chemical Brothers from what I can remember. They had loads of problems with the music after they had to turn it off just after midnight and restart, the sound was crap on the right hand side of the stadium and Jules was getting some right stick during his set as I think one of the decks messed up - you can tell if you listen to it, one tune sounds good and then one bad etc (around all his hi-gate ones and transa)
  4. Agree with every post. Wish it was 1999 again! - My favorite clubbing saying Thanks to this site I still get to listen to Jules old tunes quite regularly. As mentioned before - it wasnt just the quality of the tunes but the amount as well, 1999 would be my first port of call if I could time travel!!!
  5. The video to the Eye to Eye version is on vidzone through the PS3, as with all music videos its not exactly the same version but the resembalance is there!
  6. Went out to celebrate the birthday by seeing the Judge at Passion, not bad although BK blew everyone way - quality
  7. Happy Birthday!! When it first started, I never thought it would be as good as it is - thats why I didnt register originally. The way the tracklistings/audio/board has come on has been fantastic - well done everyone!
  8. Werent it these that did "pushing too hard" back in 2000?
  9. Just downloaded this now and Im tempted to agree with you about the studio broadcast, the whole show is full of non stop classics showing a time when jules was above everyone in providing the best tunes
  10. Just found out Jules is at the emporium in coalville on 24th May, So I think I will!!
  11. Just caught this at the end of its time on Iplayer, not been up to date on a jules radio show for a few years now but so many familiar names from yesteryear!- Neuro '99, someone, that camera. plus dj dero, hatiras and marco v - making me feel like going clubbing again!
  12. The Horrorist "One night in NYC" ?? Cracking track!
  13. Harni - "Drugs are Bad" I think loads of people played Choral Reef when it came out
  14. Its definately this one - Was on Fergies Headliners CD back in 2001
  15. I remember the first time Jules ever played the the instrumental version on Radio one back in 1999 - he said it was by "unknown" on white label, always though it was funny cause he was in on the tune.
  16. Used to love this at the time, back in the days when Fergie used to play up tempo music. There was also a tune called "you can (kiss my...) by Condor which was out a couple of years before - not vaguely similar though and doesnt have any words in
  17. In all the years listening to Jules he would always, without fail play at least one dodgy tune that would make me cringe - I just came to expect it. 7 Always remember him being the first to support Tocas Miracle which ruined a perfectly good tune at the time!
  18. I remember Jules playing Venga Boys - "Up and Down" back in '98...
  19. Anyone seeing Oakie 99-00 (cream courtyard anybody?) would appreciate him back then. Still heard some great sets during the next few years afterwards though - although did get spoiled through by his U2/rock influences sometimes!
  20. I supplied a cassette to Neuro from Sankeys Soap that might have the last tunes on it, not sure if it is from this date though!
  21. That looks a quality Jules inspired set which should go down well on here! Will upload now cheers.
  22. Thats quality, I used to get all the one I wanted from a website called freshly mixed (no link!) You could pay $5 for a month and download as many as you liked.
  23. Nearly all of these could have been on my list - especially 'Save Me' which should definately have been!