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  1. As this is primarely a Jules related site, I was just wondering how interested everyone would be in having sets from other djs. I have lots of old sets from Oakey, PVD, Eddie Halliwell etc and know there is already a Miscelleneous folder with some sets but theres not many there so dont know if people are that interested. If people want them I will happilly upload to the site.
  2. I cant even listen to another version of this, Tiesto's is the version, none of the others compare.
  3. Downloading now, a lot of those tunes bring back great memories from when I started clubbing - some classics on there.
  4. Definately agree with you on that one, the women were great!
  5. This will be the first time I have missed Global as it falls on my birthday but no one wants to go, not even my girlfriend wants to this year. Dont really rate the lineup though - if it had been on one day it would have been much better.
  6. Keep getting 'you must be signed in or posted to download file' message despite me already being signed in - anyone know why??
  7. I went to this, remember him playing 'absolute control' and 'so special' - will see if im right once I have downloaded it and hopefully be able to do a tracklist for it.
  8. If you were there, you wouldnt have been able to hear most of it anyway - the sound quality was crap. I still wouldnt have wanted to be anywhere else though!
  9. I'll have a look for it, but sure I lent it to an old friend and never got it back.
  10. Went to this one, very good set - also had it on video as it was on Rapture TV
  11. I wish I had been there just to here 'That Camera'!! (Favorite tune of all time)
  12. The last Homelands I ever went to, A few of my favourites played in this - That Camera, Awakening and Cant Control - Top set from Jules.
  13. Ok, If someone wants to do a proper list please add the following tunes - 4) Apollo 440 - Heart Go Boom 12) Hi-Gate - Pitchin 13) Dave Auld - Push that thing 14) The Clergy - Saints and Sinners 15) Digger - Episode 1 - Church of Ra 16) Faithless - Why Go? (Ferry Corsten Mix) 17) Unknown - Touch Me? 18) Big Ron - Let The Freak 19) Mario Pui - Communication 20) Unknown 21) CRW - I Feel Love 22) Space Brothers - Shine 23) Groove Armada - I See You Baby 5, 8 and 10 all sound familiar - I think 5 is on the coventry uni tour (Landing Party????) Hope this helps
  14. I have this on tape (sending to tim to upload) and can name nearly all of them, problem is Im using my PS3 to write as dont have a PC - Basically it'll take ages!
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    I voted for 7, not saying which ones though!
  16. Yeah, he was on the main stage - got some of it on tape. Also if you ever see the video to fegies mix of meet her at the love parade Jules can be seen on the main stage with those other djs already mentioned.
  17. Miraculously I have managed to fixed my two hour tape thats has been broken for about 6 years! There is only two more tracks after the ones already shown though and then it cuts off to westwood Neuro - I can send you this along with the rest of my tapes, the sound quality is actually very good considering (Except Mitch and Mart) Heres the last two tracks 22) Minky - The Weekend Has Landed (Offbeat Productions) 23) The Clergy - Saints and Sinners (Saints Mix) (M:Bargo)
  18. Does any one know anything about this track? Absolutely love, searched the internet but this is the only site that mentions it
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    Whenever I want to here this track I always just stick on Oakey at creamfields 99, one my all time favourite sets
  20. I will never tire of the sets from this period, despite listening to them everyday!
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    22/07/05 Live from Fortdance Please help us create a tracklisting for this set!
  22. 2005-07-22 - Judge Jules, Live from Fortdance (Last hour only) View File 22/07/05 Live from Fortdance Please help us create a tracklisting for this set! Submitter Glenn J Submitted 03/08/2008 Category Other Judge Jules Broadcasts  
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    Sorry not sure which version, its not the one tiesto played but I knew what it was called because of it.