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    Andain 'Summer Calling' as played on tiesto's Homelands 2002 essential mix
  2. I actually remember listening to this on the night, I went to a drugs awareness night later on at passion! I remember this being the first time I heard 'Sound of bamboo' Brings back the memories....
  3. For me it was DJ Elite 'That Camera' Apart from being my favourite tune ever it was the fact that Jules started playing it at the end of 2000 and played it constantly but no other dj picked up on it until 2002. back then Jules always seemed to get the top tunes way before anyone else.
  4. Just pulled this tape out of the attic and it is the tune I thought. I always presumed it was Tim. Not sure what No 4 is called but the tune is taken from De La Soul 'Me Myself and I' Sorry I cant be more specific on these two!
  5. Just going on memory here as not heard this set for years and cant download it but No 6 is by Timo Mass - maybe 'The Techno' I think it was the B side to Ubik. It sounds very much like Ubik aswell - I maybe wrong about the title though.
  6. This is quite possibly my favorite jules set of all time, so glad someone had it for download as my cassette version got chewed up a while ago - i thought it was gone forever. I will be supplying the portsmouth uni set (I think a week later) very shortly.
  7. I put all the sets i have got on to cd so splitting large files is probably best but im not too fussed
  8. Glenn J

    Prison Break

    prison break has been awesome and i cant wait till monday for the new series. still feel they should have left it at the end of series two though
  9. I actually remember listening to this live, so many fantastic tunes. I think this was one of Ferrys first times on radio 1. Just going to download it now!
  10. I agree with both arguments, radio 1 have shafted dance music defiantly with the rescheduling but the music on jules show should get better for it. just a shame its on at a time that most people wont hear it!
  11. I will be going. especially to hear jules classic set - always wanted to hear one from him