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  1. It would be good to hear a bit more of the track. The audio clip that I've uploaded and, more recently, the YouTube clip is all I've ever heard.
  2. Here is a bit more audio.. Judge Jules Tape 7.mp3
  3. Yes, I think you're right as Jules says, "Radio 1 Dance Anthems sitting in". Tried looking for Dance Anthems, Dave Pearce and Radio 1 Archives with no luck so far. Cheers
  4. Hello guys. I have been trying to find a record that Jules played, roughly from 1998/1999, for almost twenty years now. It was a dance remix of, "Ronda Alla Turca" by "Mozart". I did manage to tape part of the track whilst listening to the show back then. Unfortunately, I cannot find the cassette to upload the audio. There is a short clip on YouTube but there's not too much to go off. Hopefully somebody will be able to finally I.D. this track. Cheers, Kurtis Campbell ☺