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  1. This is great news, and great work burien and andy. I have found a track of his on youtube called. A.M.P 'The Future Is Ours' Just after the 4 and half minute mark when those synths take hold, you can definitely hear similarities with the mystery tune. Wonder why 'Future Is Ours' got released and the Lush tune didn't?
  2. Hope this post is allowed mods. If not then i apologise. Does anybody know the name, or recognise this track PvD played. Track 6 on his mix from radio BU Israel 31/12/2000. It sounds very familiar. Not played again, or by anybody else as far as I'm aware. It sounds like a PvD remix or production, which was Unreleased. Real nice track whatever it is. Have a listen guys and see what you think.
  3. @FuzzY-LogiC Tim was reviewing trance in dj magazine at that time (still does) So i thought he may have heard it before. Or at least provide clues. This track fits perfectly in the style of his label, and he really liked it. He knew what Andy Perring, Steve Helstrip & Lange were creating at that time. So i think we can safely discount those three artists. Because the tune is quality, surely he would have played it again in a set further down the line. But this is the last we hear of it, and he is the only one known to have played it. Rumours PvD played i
  4. I managed to talk to the trance editor of dj magazine, and former boss of Atcr records regarding this tune. He said. "I wish you hadn't played me that, i don't know what it is, but i want it. Thats a great track whatever it is. I don't think its by Pulser, but he was famous for not finishing tracks. What a tune, that's going to be in my head all night. Would seem odd for him to finish a set with a tune like that in 2000, and not know who was behind it. Which makes me think he does. But that vibe of track, there are only 5-10 candidates. (I mentioned the producers who have bee
  5. That is an excellent job. I tip my hat to whoever created it.
  6. Finally bought this on wax last month for £40. Quite cheap now seeing as most copys are up for sale at £80+
  7. Stumbled on this thread yesterday. I remembered seeing the thread on tranceaddict all those years ago, and had totally forgot about it. On first listen again, it didn't really 'grab' me. But after a few plays, I love it. Because of the contrast between the guitar and keyboard. First instinct was Rocco & Heist. But they have been contacted. It could be something by Pulser. The synths give me that feeling, plus the snares and arpeggio. If it isn't by him. It could have something to do with the atcr (a trance communication release) record label, or sublabels. Defunct now, but they always
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed this set from Jules. First time i've heard it actually, and downloaded it as soon as i seen the tracklist. His mixing and timing are bang on throughout. Makes this flow perfectly and keeping the energy high. But what makes this mix great, is the programming. Techy and hard in the middle as well. Must have been great to listen to this at the time. Always great to hear 'Out Of The Blue' as well. 'Day Mission' not heard that one before. Tunage
  9. Amazing set. Ferry on Fire..... A special mention goes to Ferry's opening gambit on this mix. Impact 'Inspiration' [In Trance We Trust] Only discovered this last year. What a TUNE!
  10. I can remember this as if it was yesterday. Two heavy hitters of the Trance scene, both at the top of their game. Covering for Jules. Ferry's mix is just amazing from start to finish. Plenty of flow and energy to it. Lost Horizon, is so Dutch Trance, you would think it was his own production. A bit of Prog trance, techy trance and uplifting stuff to boot. Much like his 2 hour mix on Jules show in March 2000. van Dyk's mix is also good. He's always been my favourite dj, but his mix falls short of Ferry's here. I think his timing is off. But the tunes are abso
  11. I remember listening to a recording of this round a mates house. He recorded the show on cassette. It was Jules sitting in for Dave Pearce on Dance Anthems. My mate didn't record the whole show, just tunes he liked the sound of. I can remember him playing Ayla, then this tune you are on about. I can remember Jules saying during the outro, i quote "Radio one dance anthems with me Judge Jules, chirpy and quirky" A very catchy number. I have always wanted to ID it. I would say, tail end of 1998.