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  1. It's more about you are paying for a FLAC / WAV and getting a transcoded MP3 which is the issue.
  2. My guess is the Lange remix didn't include the sample that caused the problems in the original release. I got the new releases and it looks like the Lange remix is a lossy transcode :( I'll post the spectrogram later when I get home.
  3. Such a shame they couldn't include the "proper" original mix.
  4. Wow, this is a blast from the past! I remember hearing this tune on Jules show back in the day. I kept missing the track ID so I even sent a tape into Radio 1 and someone kindly rung me up to give me the name. It was the first record on vinyl I ever owned as it was only available on vinyl and no digital formats. After this I soon got some decks and got into mixing. Would be great if this got a re-release and some remixes and came out in digital format. I remember emailing Les about this years later and sure he said something about it didn't get sample clearance so never got a proper release. EDIT - Found the email in my gmail. This was in 2010. his is Les Hemstock. Thank you for your email and interest in my work. The GnD tune was never released as EMI blocked it due to copyright issues in the composition therefore it cannot be sold online at this time. In the near future I plan to remix and release the tune so you will hopefully find it readily available very soon! Thanks again for the enquiry, all the best