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  1. Its been years since i last posted so here goes Something iv been working on for a while and getting great feedback on it https://soundcloud.com/jaylo/untitled-yet Would love feedback from every one please All the best Happy Christmas Jay Lo :thumbsup:
  2. Not sure why but from what I hear the likes of armada and anjuna beats have put a stop to people uploading any of there tracks in mixes to soundcloud ???? Maybe it's Genix - Destinations that's the copyright issue Thanks for downloading Enjoy
  3. http://www43.zippyshare.com/v/79698196/file.html Here is my September mix uploaded now to Zippyshare, i had to use Zippyshare because Soundcloud removed it over copyright issues Trance Trance and more Trance
  4. Really enjoyed this while out jogging had this on me Ipod
  5. Its been a long time since ive posted here Hope you enjoy http://soundcloud.com/jaylo/jay-lo-september-2012-mix Jay Lo September 2012 Mix 1.Fisher, Fredda L - Love you call it (Beat service remix) 2.Cosmic Gate - Perfect stranger (Wezz Devall remix) 3.TyDi, Jennifer Rene - Greater heights (Tom Fall remix) 4.Ernesto & Bastian - Who's the starter 2012 5.Genix - Destinations 6.Bushi, C-Quence - Ari 7.Markus Schluz vs Ferry Corsten - Loops & tings 8.Gary Maguire - Make believe 9.Abstract Vision, Elite Electronic - Always loved you 10.Beat Service - Mars 11.Skytech - Whats wrong (Stadium mix) 12.Fifth Dimension - Open your eyes 13.Chris Metcalfe - Curveball 14.Bowdidge Taylor - Power cut 15.Ferry Corsten, Betsie Larkin - Not coming down (Dash Berlin 4am mix)
  6. watched a bit of grandmaster flash taught he was too annoying with the mic i switched of seen the first 20min of annie mac i taught her mixing was great didnt see anyone else after that i fell asleep
  7. Idris Elba's "How Clubbing Changed the World" Heres how clubbing changed the world i missed the first half of it so ill sit down later and watched it all again :thumbsup:
  8. jaylo

    jules mixing

    Must be me that thinks its shit and annoying I'd rather hear good proper trance and Good mixing than hearing somebody screeaaaaaam
  9. jaylo

    jules mixing

    I agree with you briggsy those jingles somebody scream is just annoying but we are a lot older now and we know what good music is most of jules crowds now He pulls in are of very young age who loves all that cheesey jingle shit and are most likely not to pushed on his mixing and proper trance tune selection but they be more in to commercial dance shit that's why jules does a lot of them mashups with likes of lana what's her face and ellie goulding
  10. jaylo

    Mr MW

    U were grand sure it wasn't long after I finished I would have been the same I don't drink when I m dj'ing but I made up for it as soon as I finished - ur little small mate was a funny lad chasing any girl he could see
  11. jaylo

    Mr MW

    After all the years of being on this forum and chat to some Regularly on Facebook it was finally good to meet mike walker in person, who was over in Dublin the weekend and came to my gig. Good to see ye mate and such a nice lad as well
  12. No1 is my mashup I sent to jules a while back Liquid vision vs estiva,Josie vs Genix and norin & rad - expression days (Jay Lo mashup) Really really happy now that he has played this on his June mix and his GWU 431 as well I hope he's playing it in the clubs as well
  13. Its been a while since i posted a mix up here Hope u enjoy Jay Lo - May Trance 2012 STARTS OFF AROUND 133BPM AND FINISHES @ 140BPM 1.Neev Kennedy - The unknown (DNS project remix) 2.Fredda L - Love you call it (Beat service remix) 3.W&W - Nowhere to go (Shogun remix) 4.Temple One - Love the fear (Examinds remix) 5.Tritonal - Broken down (Shogun remix) 6.Cosmic Gate feat Jes - Flying blind (Norin & Rad remix) 7.Tritonal - Cant keep it in (Tritonal club mix) 8.7 Skies - Caffine (Genix remix) 9.Boom Jinx & Daniel Kandi - Azzura 10.Daniel Kandi - Sagittarius 11.Craig Connelly - Absolute electric 12.Ralphi B - Massive (James Dymond remix) 13.Lange - This is new york (Heatbeat remix) 14.Vicky Divine & Hayley Parsons - Forgotten lies 15.Paul Oakenfold - Southern sun (Paul Webster remix) http://soundcloud.com/jaylo/jay-lo-may-trance-2012